Are Politicians Who Peddle Socialism Hypocrites? – Episode 7 

 May 20, 2019

By  B

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  • This was so great, I will listen way more often, I’m still laughing. Glad there are others out there that think the way I do! Thank you!


  • You nailed it! Great video! It used to worry me that the only intuitive people I knew were highly irrational and often dysfunctional. I am both logical and intuitive and recently I have (finally!!) started to encounter like minded people who are both spiritually gifted and highly rationale. They are able to discern the truth. Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I will become a subscriber of your website and am delighted to be able to offer support of your work in this way. And- thank you for your military service! It is deeply appreciated. Warm regards and best wishes are being sent your way.


    • Hi JD! How kind of you! Thank you! I will be posting more of these videos soon, but I am also thinking of creating a brand new you tube to discuss these issues. Where like minded people get together and discuss concerns, no judgement just open-mindedness to uncover what is and what is not rational! thank you and blessings ~B


  • I just watched your sept timeline sealing & was blown away!!! Today was my birthday 57 yikes!! Leo ?8 degree(like the new moon) I also have? Mercury Uranus North node in Leo all 11 house. You really got me thinking that it’s time to get really serious about how I want my life to be & wanted to possibly book a reading. I still apparently have alot more work to do because I did judge you because of your political leanings.. Or my assumption of them-because of where you were heading- I couldn’t watch any more after you started making fun of Nancy Pelosi. Karma coming for us ALL!! Right?! (Just sayin..) Anyway sorry to be rude but sometimes we don’t see our own hypocrisy..i know I avoid mine!!haha! But you really hit it out of the park on the Sept reading tho!!! I feel it coming & have for awhile. Thank you for so much detailed content!! ?✨?♌


    • Thank you Lauri! I appreciate your honest comment. I am not really either democrat or republican I consider myself a fiscal conservative with a far left republican ideaology. Very similar too libertarian. I do call out irrationality however, and that is just how I am! I am glad you enjoyed the time line sealing video! Blessings ~B


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