Astronomical confirm on timeline activation and sealing

Aug 19

On July 18th 2019 I decided to make a video on the timelines sealing.  I did so based on a psychic hit I received from Saturn.  Saturn and Mercury energies are absorbed by my person readily.  When the visions are clear, I am to make sure I deliver the message.

On August 16th 2019 I woke up early in the morning with visions of waves of energies (timelines) passing in and out of my mind… they were very clear and it felt to me, a significant event (likely a tear in the space time continuum) would cause the waves to settle eventually and create at least two if not more timelines.  This was made clear to all of viewers on you tube as I attempted to explain “what” the disturbance looked like. Please note that there can be many “timeline” jumps in one’s lifetime.

The timelines where you or I end up has everything to do with energetic resonance.  If the energies do not “match” one can be literally and physically “jettisoned” out of a timeline from a 4 or 5D perspective.   Think of the “tower” card in tarot.  People are physically “thrown out” as the structure itself is crumbling.  If one “survives the fall”  they must find new land or property to create a new structure built on solid ground that can withstand the test of time and outside catalysts.

Bottom line…. ENERGIES MUST MATCH… IF THEY DON’T PEOPLE OR THINGS WILL LEAVE YOUR LIFE QUICKLY.  In some cases, there will be no warning.

The reason they or it was in your life in the first place was to teach you a very valuable lesson.  If you both learned the lesson, you move to a different timeline together.  If one learned and one did not, the timelines are no longer a match and their is a tear in the reality.  One remains “stuck” and the other “moves on.”  When you choose the action that must be taken, it may be the hardest and most painful thing you have ever done in your life.  However, you just “know ” you have to do it.  The reason this happens is not immediate, the realization happens after the fact.  It is when you see everything around you growing and a becoming successful in spite of your perceived “loss”….the realization finally “hits” that the person or thing you thought was building you up, was actually what was holding you back.  You realize you were deceiving yourself and this is when the tears will start to flow – profusely.

You will see if you selected the right action (to put you on a destined timeline of abundance) if you see the following after “making the decision” or “removing non-matching energies/people to your soul’s purpose or desire.”  This happens when you do so with full acceptance, love, self integrity and identifying accountability (you or others):

  • money will rush in
  • friends who remain will be strong and supportive
  • you will become more productive or feel like a weight has been lifted off of you
  • your prior burdens will leave and you approach things more optimistically
  • success in endeavors
  • health improves

Remember, I got this from Saturn.  In mythology Saturn “swallowed” his own children…(devoured them)….

See the timeline activity here (you can highlight it then right click to go to site or click link):

The above article was released… wait for it …wait for it…. August 16th 2019  (although they may have been collecting images sooner)

Blessings of love and light, I pray all of us are or will be on our destined timeline of abundance and success.


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