August 2019 ~ Monthly Love Reading 

 July 30, 2019

By  B

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  • Omg b!!!!! I’m a Pisces I’m going through trasformation with the best guy ever and we are waiting on my so. To come join his brother and sister! I’ve been through so much deception from scorpio his family and this lady that’s a foster mother I think I’ve told you a few times.. unreal! I was listening to cancer that was meee we were at the beach and I was looking at my kids and my bf in the water I had on pants I’m usually very small but my last csection was a nightmare so I have to have surgery on my stomach not only am I healing but I laughed so had Whalen you said that but not only am I healing but watching my family heal as well. But hopefully next year I can swim haha. Love you and your reading you are blessed girl…!i tell everyone to go to your channel all the time! One of your biggest fans! Amanda xox


    • Hi Amanda! thank you for your personal update! Wow! you ARE going through alot! I know you will get through it as you are quite strong and have surrounded yourself with people that support you even though you are trying to get away from some old toxic energy that still wants to control you and your family. Good luck and blessings! ~B


  • My twin is a Virgo and the family that has my son is is horrible to ya they have had my daughter taken from me they have sabitoged my son comming home and now we had trial and they hired a lawyer and are trying to make me spilt custody I said no way. So he should be home soon and I’m moving away as soon as it’s done they have done so much damage had the department of children and families come to my house the cops trying to find dirt it’s horrible they are foster parents. We feel so stuck it’s terrible way more to the story but we are waiting for the judge to decide been two and a half months 🙁


  • So on * Virgo – Although I want the divorce and the Libra doesn’t want to. Feel stuck as if one thing is left to release but I don’t know what it is. Def karmic


  • I’m a Pisces and yes it’s so important to me not to settle, because in the past I’ve settled due to low self esteem and self worth. I’ve been divorced 18 years and single 95% of that time.


    • It is very important for Pisces not to settle. Stand your ground, be kind but do not be a pushover. Everything will balance itself out soon enough. Blessings ~B


  • Hi B!

    Just joined your site a couple of days ago.
    I am an Aquarius who left a emotionally toxic relationship last year that once was quite beautiful; it lasted for 22 years. So I am in counseling and dealing with depression and depletion.

    I found your comments to be quite resonant.

    I dabble in Astrology, and know Saturn is transiting my 4th house right now (libra ascendant), so I am having my foundations shook a bit/a lot.

    Thanks for the insights,


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