Aug 19

Astronomical confirm on timeline activation and sealing

On July 18th 2019 I decided to make a video on the timelines sealing.  I did so based on a psychic hit I received from Saturn.  Saturn and Mercury energies are absorbed by my person readily.  When the visions are clear, I am to make sure I deliver the message. On August 16th 2019 I woke […]

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Jul 26

Time Line Sealing September 2019

Time – Line Seals Text Only –  To see my video please go to my you tube channel and find the timeline video.   Be ready to make a decision between August 12th and September 19th 2019 Saturn is slowing down and about to turn direct in September. Why is the time line sealing?  Because […]

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May 20

Socialism = Mass Exodus…Phase One. – Episode 6

In this episode we talk about statistics relative to a mass exodus out of certain cities and states that are implementing socialist policies (or arguably socialist) and taxing people excessively. This is generally one of the first phases citizenry experience once their freedoms start to get taken away.

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