May 20

Socialism = Mass Exodus…Phase One. – Episode 6

In this episode we talk about statistics relative to a mass exodus out of certain cities and states that are implementing socialist policies (or arguably socialist) and taxing people excessively. This is generally one of the first phases citizenry experience once their freedoms start to get taken away.

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Mar 19


In this blog area my best friend and I write of our musings on life and how profoundly the awareness within can create a manifested state of being.  While we may not agree on each other’s musings 100 percent of the time, we do allow each other space to express what is in one’s mind […]

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Jan 04

B’s Bullseyes

UPDATE!   01-04-2019 UPDATE! 01-07-2019 UPDATE! 01-10-2019 UPDATE! 01-11-2019 Hello Beautiful Souls, Thank you so much for taking the time to read “B’s Bullseyes” In this blog I write about my predictions or what I call, energy translations through actual events. By doing this, one can understand better how energy translation works and why it is […]

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