Bonus Reading ~ Week of March 16th 

 March 17, 2020

By  B

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  • Thank you B!! I’m very appreciative of the bonus reading!!So much information & detail!!I listened to all the signs so I could see what friends and family might have going on!!Much Love!!?✨


  • Thanks… I’m a refrigerated semi truck driver. Life for me is a stand still.. The bread & butter is making money. The only thing I have value is my health.. Everything has been left behind.. I do value relationships that is standing still for this moment. What I own is everything that I brought with me on the truck. I enjoy Nature, Our Planet, & survival from this virus.. Hoping My Children get back together in a Loving relationship with me & them. Love life ? phone buddies talk more than we do.. So to say yes I’m single..Needing that one to light up my life.. ??


    • Hi Ann,

      First of all – THANK YOU!!!
      In fact, I think at my next reading I am going to specifically call out the truckers and request prayers, strength and re-vitalization for them as well as others.
      I go to the store and my items are there, because of people like you that get it to me in my area.
      May the universe/God bless you.

      I wish you love and light and prosperity.


  • Hi B, Was waiting for week of the 24th extended to comment.I haven’t seen one posted for the week. Just wanted to let you know blood of the lamb came to me about a week ago. What i am doing instead of blood, i have been playing 741mz music and 432mz music. Keeping those frequencies around my living area. Thank you for the little hints,just thinking i am getting those correct .

    Thank You


    • Hi Joseph!

      What a fabulous idea!
      I was thinking about drawing a “moxa” line around my door, then using something red that is washable as well, but smaller lines.
      Moxa is just like chalk so it should work well plus it is a healing element.
      The extended should be up for the 24th and the 31st now.
      You are absolutely on the right vibration there!


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