B’s Bullseyes

Nov 21

Hello Everyone,

At the request of my fan-freaking-tabulous girlfriend, I am going to post my premonitions/downloads that would be considered (arguably) accurate.  These are brief descriptions of monthly and bi-weekly videos I have posted which held significant messages for the collective.  In addition to this, these posts offer a way for all you to translate what you are hearing from these messages to serve your highest good and your safety.

Leo Monthly Video General and Extended ~ Posted September 28th 2017 for October “Addictions, Obsessions and Using Intuition”

There were several unsettling energies I experienced during this video, and while I normally like or prefer to offer general guidance and great news for my viewers…. this one was disturbing for the Leo’s out there.  Also, Donald Trump is a Leo rising ~ perhaps he could have benefitted from this reading as well as others.  The Vegas massacre took place on Oct 1, 2017 2-3 days after my reading.

  • Vegas
  • Psycho
  • Concert
  • Al Capone
  • Exit strategy
  • Leavenworth
  • Use your intuition
  • Angel Sounds

Leo Monthly Video General and Extended ~ Posted October 29th 2017 for November “Apologies, Someone’s Feet are Held to the Fire”

Another somewhat disturbing energy was revealed during this reading.  Of utmost importance was the following:

  • Needing a safe place to land
  • Danger
  • Regret
  • Rain
  • Follow the “yellow” brick road
  • Temple University (located in Philadelphia)
  • Not being able to advance further

On Tuesday November 7th, Roy Halliday (a former Phillie pitcher) died when his plane crashed in the gulf of Mexico.

On November 19th a small plane landed on a road in Clearwater Fla.  The pilot indicated he “knew he could not make it back safely” and he also stated he needed a “safe place to land.”  The road the pilot used also had clear “yellow” lines.  See the story at https://www.wptv.com titled “VIDEO: Pinellas County deputy buzzed by small plane that later lands on road.”

Related news also indicates a pilot landed his airplane on a Seminole County highway on November 3rd.  The highway was under construction and had not been opened yet.  The pilot informed officers that he had engine trouble, however, there is indication that he told witnesses he ran out of fuel.  You can go to https://www.miamiherald.com titled “Airplane makes emergency landing on Florida Highway”

Taurus B-Weekly Message ~ Posted November 13th 2017 

The message in this reading for Taurus was a bit strange and disturbing.  While, at the end of the reading it did indicate positive outcomes for Taurus the warning was also clear.

  • Batten down the hatches
  • Storms, Hurricanes, Tornados
  • Whether issues especially over water
  • Weather persons even thrown off by the development

I had several Taureans respond that “hurricane season is over, we are in the clear,” yes perhaps for some… but not for others.  On the 14th of November a rare weather event developed over the Mediterranean called a “Medicane.”  It is basically a hurricane over the Mediterranean Sea.   Greece was hit pretty hard and it appears it is now moving towards Italy.  Italians should not take this lightly.  Please see the following at https://www.npr.com (National Public Radio Inc) titled, ” Greece Was Hit By a Storm Some Called a ‘Medicane.’  What’s That?”


I will continue to post on B’s Bullseyes as more become available over time.  The message in all of this is something that I have been trying to relay to my subscribers for a while…. there is good and there is bad.  Even the most loving, giving, and positive person has bad things happen to them.  I myself, am generally very positive, but I am also a staunch realist.  I relay messages that need to be relayed to assist people and offer them guidance.  They are not always rainbows and puppy tails, but they are messages from the collective nonetheless and should be given consideration.  Understanding how messages come in through metaphors or even an exact definition or picture allow all of us to access messages and translate them for our highest good.

Love and Light