Episode 10 

 May 25, 2020

By  B

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  • Hi B , First off thank You for this forum, be they rational or irrational. Thought’s and observations from the past week. Food For Thought.

    The “New Normal”
    A – Acceptable
    B – Unacceptable

    The Government sending Gift Cards. To Track Where and When You spend ?
    A – True
    B – False
    (landlords will need to get a card machine)

    According to Steve Mnuchin Presidential board meeting.
    239 Billion went to the citizens of the USA. 513 Billion went to loans, Which taxpayer ID’s cannot be tracked (maybe because the large corporations sucked it all up). Who Do the loans get paid back to, the banks? Where’s the rest of the 3 trillion?
    A – Absolute Robbery
    B – Business as usual
    C – All of the above
    D – None of the above

    If You answered A to the above question, Were all the deaths from this Virus collateral damage to pull this Robbery off. (Not just the USA but the World)
    A – Yes
    B – No

    The second relief bill from the House. Money paid to illegal aliens that have no tax ID.
    How many Illegal aliens do you have names for ?
    A – 0
    B – 1
    C – More than 1
    D – More than 50

    Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachael Levine pulled her Mother out of a Care Home before Covid patients were infused. Should Rachael Levine and Governor Wolf be Charged with Manslaughter?
    A – Yes
    B – No

    There’s more , but going to leave it at that.

    Thank You


    • Hi Joseph,

      I absolutely love how you put this together!
      I will agree with you that it may be time to create our own platform to discuss such things – live through my webinar ninja.

      Let me know!
      Thank you!


  • Hi B!

    I can already see this coming….
    I am traveling to see my son soon hopefully next week he is an Aries I am a Sagi.

    I believe this is also my story…
    I will keep you posted if this is whats the energy is going to be for me next week.

    Truth shall set me free!

    Thank you.


  • So grateful you took your valuable time to put this together. Great information presented respectfully. A live forum would be interesting and strengthening. My views are growing because of your Vlog! I am so glad you do video’s by the way. I have so much to read and any listening I can do allows me to move my body while I “read” take in information. Thank you B!


    • Hi Sheri,
      Thank you for your kind response.
      I appreciate the compliment and the suggestion.
      So much going on a more coming.
      I am a bit behind this week, I should be caught up by tomorrow.


  • Ive been researching desperately to put together about what issac kappy says about sex trafficking of children and the harvesting of childrens body parts and Satanism. I believe what is fixing to come out will shake this nation to it’s core,pray for the children!!!


    • Completely agree Helen.
      This evil runs far and wide.
      It will take many to awaken before they are called out or …..
      Thank you for the genuine response.


  • Thankyou for your time and energy. Im just really angry with protestors destroying our city. We have had too much already. I just want love and peace.


    • Hi Heather,

      I feel for you. I am doing a prayer after the weekly video tonight for people to awaken and for peace to be restored and for our republic to be restored.


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