Episode 12 

 June 7, 2020

By  B

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  • Exactly divide to conquer. Don’t fall for it people! Spreading chaos in the name of justice and love is only spreading more chaos.


    • Thank you Rae, I agree.
      Some people still don’t understand, some people are still filled with rage.
      I want a solution not a bunch of actions that do nothing more the pacify.


  • I all a lives matter too. We all matter. We are all brothers and sisters.
    We dont know all the facts. And we are reactionary. There are mutliple issues with laws being broken.
    We have terrorists in our cities.
    I agree with your understandings and we all need to do a better job with integrity.
    Poeple arent listening.
    Thankyou for your facts. I love your insights.
    God bless!


    • Thank you Heather.
      Thank you for supporting me and being open-minded enough to consciously offer your position.


    • I know right?
      My question is how do we fix it.
      No one has brought a solution.
      I am upset at this.
      I ask and no one has an answer.
      So perhaps, if I create dialogue I can figure one out myself.
      In that manner, I can speak from a more well rounded position.


  • Im in Utah. And Im angry!!
    I dont feel safe. But our east side doesnt care.
    We do have a good governor and he is doing his best. Our National guard came back proud to serve their country.
    I used to be in the middle of the road. But Im taking a stand. I follow and stand with Trump.
    But I have also contacted my leaders here to shed light. Hopefully we can see the light of truth.
    God bless us
    All Americans matter, all Human lives Matter!!


    • Hi Heather,

      Thank you for your honest response.
      I am happy that you saw the video for what it is, calling out irrationality and trying to discuss the problem in a rational way.
      I am glad you are taking an active stand.
      Many blessings,


  • Actually there were no drugs in his system but in all honesty senseless killings of black and brown ppl have gone on for years. Mr. Floyd’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back. How quickly we condemn the dead for his choices in life instead of looking at a real problem that hasn’t ceased.There has been a racial divide for centuries unfortunately. Racism NEVER died. I dont care about anyone’s political views I just know what I’ve experienced in my lifetime and others with my complexion have been thru. It’s a real problem B.
    Yes the media lies and there’s bad ppl of every color under the sun but don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that racism exists. I live in the midwest and it’s very real in my city. As a matter of fact I live in the inner city. So shall we be quiet and not speak about it at all? Your views are respected I however can’t agree with them all.
    True the 1st members of Republican party were African Americans. I just want our children to live in a world where they dont have to be afraid anymore. Where the only race that exist is the human race.
    I’m so tired of the back and forth in politics.
    I don’t know who or what to trust anymore.
    Everything is about money


    • Hi Karen,

      There were drugs in his system sweetie. It is embedded in the article below. They conveniently say he was positive for coronavirus but do not bother to indicate the drugs, which is fine in my opinion. I am just making a point of the condition on which he was in.

      Medical Examiner’s Autopsy Reveals George Floyd Had Positive Test For Coronavirus

      June 4, 2020·6:27 AM ET
      Scott Neuman

      A full autopsy report on George Floyd, the man who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police last month, reveals that he was positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The 20-page report also indicates that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, although the drugs are not listed as the cause.

      I agree it has gone on for years
      I agree the racial divide is getting worse by the day.
      I did not say racism never died, I said I was not taught racism.
      I agree it is a real problem and I want it to end.
      No you should not be quiet about it, never be quiet about it.
      I live in a city where if people bring up racism we do not entertain it and we stop the conversation immediately, it is not welcome here.
      Our cops here, I believe for the most part are fair and balanced.
      I am glad you are not agreeing with them, this is how we learn. We see the perspective from each side.
      I want our children to live in a world where they don’t have to be afraid anymore.
      I agree the only race that exists is the human race, fully agree.
      I agree everything is about money.

      So my question to you is how do we fix it?
      Not put a band-aid on it but fix it?
      So many people are there saying it is wrong but what are we doing to exhaust all efforts to ensure we take care of this once and for all?

      I respect your opinion and thank you for offering a different one than mine.
      I have gained great insight and value from your position.


    • I would have to agree with you Karen. B, I respect you and i am a member. However George Floyd’s family did an autopsy and found no drugs in his system and this other stuff you speak is said to be untrue. We actually aren’t just memorizing him, we are memorizing everyone. All lives do matter but black lives withing this country do not seem to matter to the same degree. You say this is about diving us, but when have we truly ever been together? In my opinion we have to get honest and real about they way in which America has treated Black Americans and native Americans. This is by no means an attack. What I wish is that people would starting being really honest about the history of this country. I feel like a lot of the time the powers thay be will always find a way to make someone murdered by the police look like a thug who in their opinion deserved it. That’s not fair. I think we’ve all had struggles but until you walk in our shoes and endure the types of trauma we’ve had to endure on a daily basis its not fair to say all lives matter the same. We don’t have to agree politically and I value what you bring to the table B but this hurt.


      • Btw, I now live out west and I can agree with you B about not experiencing as much out here. I want this country to heal. I want us to be together in harmony.


      • I appreciate your response.
        You have every right to feel this way.
        You see, this is what I see from my perspective.
        From your perspective quite different.
        This is what we need to discuss.
        I am a large majority of fair skinned Americans with their thoughts.
        We want to help, we want to erase racism completely.
        I think we both need to start in our own backyards so neither of us can be divided again.
        All for one and one for all.
        Is this a utopian dream?
        Or can we find at least one thing in our world that is utopian and is this it if we achieve it?
        We cannot condemn all police officers based on the devil that took the life of George.
        That cop was pure evil and the cops around him.
        It was disgusting to watch.

        But when, WHEN will we all come together, with our filters and open our minds to create the solution?
        We cannot be contained in our silos, it will break us apart.
        This is much bigger than George Floyd, however, his killing did wake the sleeping giant.
        The sleeping giant needs to addressed once and for all.
        How can we do this?
        What we have done up to this point is not working.
        It has to be a collective effort.

        I checked 4 different sources that state he did have drugs in his system.
        If this is wrong hopefully someone will correct that soon.

        Thank you kindly for your genuine response.


    • The solution is to talk about it not deny the fact that there’s a real problem in this country. I’m glad you weren’t taught Rascism but it doesn’t mean it isn’t as real as the nose between your eyes. Empathy is needed not just one sided opinions. We shouldn’t have to explain BLM …that phrase doesn’t mean anyone else’s life is less valid or important. Listen to our stories,feel the tears of pain from the losses. Only then will there be change. Let’s stop focusing on leftist,rightest, conservative or liberal…democrat or Republican. Let’s face that truth as I am African American and so many others have been mistreated just because we are of a darker complexion.I don’t believe news I do my own research. “Namaste”


      • That was a beautiful response Karen.
        Thank you.
        I agree, not being taught racism, doesn’t mean I should turn a blind eye and I do not.
        When I was introduced to it, it was reverse in my case.
        I didn’t understand how half my friends in the military were black Americans, but there were other black Americans in the military that could not stand me because I am white.
        I want to fix it.
        I want black americans and white americans and all other races to work together for the solution.
        That means one cannot claim racism over the other.
        It happens both ways.
        Sometimes more in one way over the other, this is apparent through the BLM movement and I will not disown the value some people feel with that movement.
        I just believe all lives matter and this includes black Americans.
        From an energetic perspective, if we keep our separation alive, we will never find peace, ever, and it may even get worse.
        I want real action being done for the black community, not a sign for a street.
        A sign doesn’t pay the bills and this does not protect black communities from harm.
        Who is doing the ground up research here?
        Where’s all the billions of dollars going to reinvigorate these communities?
        Where is it?
        I want no racism, and some people have called me a racist and have left this community, and that is fine, it is through their filter and I cannot change their mind and nor will I.
        What we are facing now is a massive wake up call for all Americans.
        We must all stand up against any race, of any color that chooses to introduce racism and harm into our communities.
        This respectfully, is my position.


  • Love ya B! I love that you speak the truth. This whole thing is crazy how people have turned us back how many years. Everything is a false lie to get rid of the population all the while they no longer have to distribute fear through the panic a different way. Bill Gates and get their sick way to “ minimize and use other ways”. Thank you


  • I truly enjoy the gifts you share and I’m so excited every time I see you post a video! I just wish I’d gotten your membership sooner! Thanks in advance


  • This is the fifth fifth column! The same fifth fifth column that has been destabilizing nations and generations for centuries. They know you can not escape the tribal identity paradigm. Be proud of your tribal identity, and of your fathers fathers. Own your cultural heritage. your ancestors their accomplishment and their crimes!. Repel invaders in your communities like the human body fights infections and toxins.

    Stop being afraid of being labeled a racist, in slew of their crimes against humanity and sins against creation any prejudice you think you hold is just a fart in wind.


  • I saw this more or less begin in California back in 2007/2008; it came to a point that we (my family and others) have become silenced. Most are leaving the state as we had planned to do since 2000. Our field of work has not allowed us to move just yet, but 2 of our sons have been able to get out. We have felt helpless since at least 2000 in California.
    We will not as our sons have not taken the liberal views to another state. We have the belief that we adapt to our surroundings.

    I am feeling a mix, fear and anger, anger at the puppet masters and the people not able to “see”. I do hope that peace will prevail.

    Spot on from that reading!

    Thank you B! Namaste’


  • Hi B, I have to Dub you Big Sister. Big sister Babysitting Big brother with a magnifying glass. Maybe it is time to turn the tables and start listening to their conversations and put them under surveillance. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. There are enough tech savvy individuals out there.

    Everything has become scripted everywhere to mind control. Here is an example of oy your Senate dividing you, and we are paying them for this. Notice Rand Paul reading his script, Then Kamala Harris in her rebuttal had time to write her script walking from her seat to the podium. Damn she must be wonder woman to write that fast, I was just amazed!
    In Kayleigh McEnany press conferences she has a tab in her notebook for every reporter she calls on, all scripted.


    Elton John is a Knighted Sir, he answers to the Queen and the Rothchilds.

    An episode of All in the Family. These 2 videos convinced me we are voting for a regime and it does not matter who you vote for. Here is your Madonna connection.



    Will 2020 be the final episode ?

    Joe Biden, I mean really!! Did they not have anyone better to play this character?

    I have a message for congress, but going to wait for them to play their hand a little more.

    I am going to end this with a song of unity. Brothers in arms Please read the lyrics as it is playing.


    Thank You


    • Hi Joseph,

      Thank you once again for your thoughtful words.
      I appreciate the extra info.
      I truly appreciate you providing the Madonna connection.
      It was in my head and it would not go away!
      The song is beautiful and I did read the lyrics.
      Moving and profound.

      Brothers and sisters in arms are we.
      We are the truth movement, the awakened ones.
      We see beyond the veil of illusions.


  • Makes you wonder if Soros and Gates are behind everything. Gates is totally into population control, it’s evident that he is, he has made no effort to hide it.

    2016, Tony Timpa, was killed by the cops in Dallas, Texas during an arrest. They had a knee to his back, cracking jokes, etc. So it’s not the first time cops have killed people during an arrest. It’s unfortunate that there are bad cops out there but I am afraid of what will happen if we defund them. People have been lined up at gun stores since corona virus started and even more so now.

    The History of Soros – Lord of Chaos…watch that video on Youtube.

    You can see that Pelosi is trying to manipulate things. Quite a few people were angry with her for wearing the Kente Scarf. It’s unfortunate if she was trying to do that.

    Trump Campaign staffers have been donating to the gofundme campaigns for the businesses that were destroyed.

    We don’t want China to take over our country or other countries like they have bullied everyone else.

    Some of these Democrats are finally starting to get some karma back in a huge way. Whitmer has been getting spanked left and right by the Justice system on the cases that were filed. I think she has 101 Executive orders that she put in to play. There are a lot of people of Michigan who are currently getting together to recall her. We need over 1 MIllion signatures. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2020/06/billboard-campaign-claims-gov-whitmer-didnt-protect-seniors-from-the-coronavirus.html?fbclid=IwAR1wgfb8-rR1TNGH4mK0cqHnrcubgYNOZi1-RhyP2BlGoi_0WOOs1aTlNDI

    There is a company called 7Sigma that is moving out of Minneapolis because he said they didn’t even fight the fire at his business, he said the fire truck was just sitting there in the street. So he’s taking the jobs with him. Elon was going to build a new factory anyways but he was looking to move the California plant to Texas. These business owners are pist about everything that has gone down.

    They started the Hillary Clinton case and are trying to bring Prince Andrew across the pond so they can grill him too.

    Just keep praying sister!

    Just love everyone unless they are an a-hole to you B.


    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for the kind words.
      It is difficult for me to talk of these things as I am not in a large metropolis city and I want to do what I can to get us all thinking and have a safe place to do so.
      I am not African American so I can’t put myself in their shoes, but I won’t condemn them for feeling the way they do.
      I just do not understand how an entire group of people who have been oppressed/suppressed in the past or now can martyr a criminal.
      It just makes no sense to me.

      You are bringing up some excellent points.
      I can see the connection.
      I have been telling clients in California I did have a download of mass caravans of people leaving there to live somewhere else.
      It may have been another state that I saw (Minnesota) or perhaps it was representative of many states.
      I am ready for these democrats that are bad to be put behind bars along with the RINOs.
      I hope Whitmer is recalled swiftly in Michigan.


  • Its not just liberals. Religious communities keep everyone quiet.
    They dictate laws, allow abuse, hife crimes with women and children. Mormon church is notorious for hiding and manipulating truth. They hoard money and keep their member
    inside of the truth bubble.
    And mormon church never condemed the protests. They told tgem too repent. Something is really being hid. Im tired of leaders and spiritusl prophets who act and allow crimes to be broken im wondering if Mormons paid the protestestors to not bother their temples? Very interesting.


    • Hi Heather,

      You are brining up some interesting points.
      Why did the protesters turn rioters attack some things but not others?
      Seems to me that a specific message was being sent.
      The last time I saw or heard churches being burned was during the KKK to flush out white and black god fearing Republicans.
      However, I would have to go back and look and do more research.
      Why is it reversed but the exact same crime?
      Curiouser and Curiouser!
      Thank you for the genuine thoughts.


  • I know I keep commenting but I also agree that putting up thay blm painting on street was dumb and it was just symbolism. I actually think blm bought off by george soros. It wiped away nothing. You are right republican party did start off with black people supporting it. You definitely got me thinking about alot B.


    • Thank you Malika!
      I appreciate that you are not taking this episode in the wrong way.
      I have a lot of questions that are not being answered.
      I hear complaining but no action.
      I want all people to be equal.
      This is what needs to be done.
      I have seen several videos put up by black Americans and they are tired of being targeted for narratives.
      This is also my position, some may disagree with me and that is fine.
      We can’t move on if we keep living in the past.


  • I think you are right on que.I am 59 years old and raising 4 of my grandchildren and they dont even realize that people are of different color,but they did see what that officer did and now they question the things they have been taught about cops be ing there for them,God is a divine being and he created us in his image which makes all of us divine too,at least you said what alot of us are keeping inside and just letting it go by the wayside.


    • Hi Helen,

      I agree.
      Fair skinned Americans that do not actively participate in racism are complicit because they turn a blind eye.
      Basically saying “it is their problem”
      This is not correct.
      This is OUR problem.

      I do not care what the melanin content of anyone’s skin is.
      If you are a criminal, you are a criminal.
      Maybe I will start a go-fund me for the little 5 year old black girl that was shot in the head during the riots by a drive by shooting.
      Does a criminal’s life mean more than an innocent 5 year old girl’s?
      Maybe then we can put focus on one of the larger problems facing all of our communities of all colors.
      Thank you for the genuine comment Helen.


      • I agree and nobody seems to care about the little 5 year old girl or her family.People are selfish they only care about what they want and when they want it,but people better wake up our children are paying the price for others bad decisions,our children are watching and waiting to see how all of these things will be addressed, do not take this wrong but the way i see it they made George Floyd bigger than Christ and at this time people don’t care what he was.What everyone needs to realize love is the answer,love that’s all.I told my grandson to pray and what ever u do stay in the light there you will find peace and love.Bless you B for helping everyone thru this time.


        • Hi Helen,

          I completely agree with you, I want you to express your views, that is what will get us “unstuck”
          This did serve a purpose though, for me.
          I felt like I would always respond “but I am not racist.”
          Well, I realized that does not help either.
          Just because I am not, does not mean other people wont be.
          And there are people of every color that are as I experienced what I did when that couple came into town spewing racist remarks and hate.
          I feel like I need to be active but in a helpful way…. not a harmful one.
          I am racking my brain on how to get it started.
          Not just for one race but all races who are in need now.
          All people who are suffering through misfortune.
          There are so many, but even if I help as many as I can even if that is just 5, it would be worth it.


  • B! A few confirms within alll of your recent videos:
    1. Regarding dems & Joe Biden, a zoom video with audio was leaked ”Let’s keep Joe in the Basement, etc’ but could not retrace his steps. It was hard to watch as they ‘planned’ their agenda for November.
    2. George Floyd’s brother was interviewed and confirmed George and this Cop previously worked in the same bar and ‘Had a history.’

    Excited for our reading this weekend!! ?


  • I support you Bee!! Im glad Im in Utah. I can own a gun. And now Im choosing to support Trump. I choose freedom to.all of us.


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