Episode 13 

 June 12, 2020

By  B

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  • Some might agree or disagree with whatever might be mentioned. Like with everything in life!.Yet here is you the one with this phenomena dedicating your time and placing your 200% effort into helping all of us to really see and understand all that it there is. Thank you for being you ?????Many blessing from Europe


  • I agreed with you in episode 11 and sadly what happened to George Floyd was definitely wrong and he did not deserve to die but I don’t consider him a hero because of the way he lived his life. That incident just brought the issues up on racism and bad police officers which do need to be addressed for change to take place. The way some people handled the protesting just lost credibility by showing total disrespect for authority and destroying property. Some places were orderly.

    Those in the police force should be paid more because their life is at stake and what they have to deal with. There are respectable officers who make a difference and should be rewarded. In any union it’s hard to get rid of bad people who don’t follow the rules and some think they can do no wrong. It’s like a bag of cherries – you need to discard the bad ones quickly so the rest are not spoilt. That officer in the George Floyd incident was not a good officer from past behaviour and abused his authority.

    I never apologize for my opinion but sometimes it can change. I got into a lot of disagreements because I like Trump and I don’t even live in the US. I don’t agree with a lot of things he has done or said, he made poor decisions in some cases, but I can see what he is trying to do to, People just like hearing the smooth talking politicians who don’t deliver.


  • Hey dearest friends.
    The most important thing about life is , that we are all here to learn.
    im a spiritual person, and have learned many things through my life, I ´m 58 years old.
    still learning, have listent much to ex. Dolores Cannon on Youtube, about us as humans , she sayd – if we are rasists the next life we incarnate , is as thoes we didnt like, so we can learn how it is to be them others dont accept.
    We are ALL one.
    Thank you for the upload
    Greetings to you .


  • Hi B , Cockroach confirm. I have been telling people obey and do as they say or they will spray you like a cockroach with their biological weapon.
    While watching the protests I began to ask myself questions.
    They knew what the reaction would be to the action!
    I had to ask why do they want all these people congregating out in the open ?? I have my own theories about why this happened.
    Was this the Fauchi phase 2 ? Were they sprayed like cockroaches ? All of sudden,You can see the covid spikes all over.
    Thank You


  • My thought on cockroaches was they are going to scatter like cockroaches when the lights come on …. meaning they are like dirty cockroaches hiding from the light (truth)


  • We had a police officer in our city, recieved by mail a picture of a pighead with a gun to his head. His 17 year old daughter found it after in the mailnox.
    I cried when I heard this story.
    Police officers helped me get back into my car in December of last year when I accidently hit my lock button to clean off my windshield my new car running to warm it up. I had my my cell phone and everything in my car. My doof wasnt complletely closed. It was just locked. 3 police officers not only supported me while I waited outside in the cold. But one camd by on hos say home from a 12 hour shift. He used a blow up and rod arm to open the door and help me.
    I support my police. I hugged all three.
    Salt lake city has a racist issue. And many of my clients are democratic. If I say anything wrong, I could easily loose my job. Im in fear im a single mother with a morgage. I cant say anything. I can be supportive but I must stay off of media.
    So I support here. I just cant say too much online. My boss watches everything we do.


    • Thank you Heather for sharing that as well.
      We are turning into a cancel culture.
      We all contributed to to this.
      The thing about the cancel culture and socialism – it causes great damage, sometimes irreparable, but soon once they see they are being canceled the voices will change.
      Let us hope this is soon than later.
      Stay strong.


  • I enjoy this platform. I agree with you. My core is abuse from the church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. They hava black slave history and I have abuse history as a child.
    I am angry. But Im really working on healjng. I am a reborn Presbytarian. So hearing you and feeling safe alliqs me space without going online.
    Thanks for allowing me to speak. Its my way to protest in my own way. God bless all.


    • Hi Heather,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
      We are all here to heal and assist one another in that process.
      Blessings to you on your journey of healing.
      I am happy you found a way out.


  • That was an amazing reading for Aries that’s what I meant was a Taurus man and I hope that we do end up having an amazing relationship


  • Airing Frustration:
    After the disgusting death of George Floyd, I kept hearing (ancestors/downloads) ask few questions.
    “Why are a good amount of people accepting that they are less valuable than a politician, a wealthy person, a celebrity, a person of sports fame or even their next door neighbor?”
    “Why are a good amount of people accepting the stereo-type of others?”
    “Why they are giving their power away?”

    These questions applied to myself as well, digging deeper within my self I realize that maybe sharing some experiences I have overcome may help.

    I am of mixed ethnicity (Mexican, Black, American Indian and White) some would call that mixed race, I mean no offense to anyone. Although I look more white, I did not grow up in what some would call “privileged”. I was the only child of an abusive (physically, emotionally and mentally) mother, abandoned by my father, and molested by my stepfather. An outcast (even today) by the several of those ethnicities, and especially those of higher wealth or status. Being raised by a divorced mother in the early 60’s had it’s stereo types too.

    I actually believed that I could do nothing good, I was the literal “Bad Seed” – movie reference. I truly believed that I would never able to ever be good enough for anything good to happen in my life.

    I do not share for sympathy, I share so that one can see my journey.

    Through many trials, a multitude of errors, some divinely guided people, whom I began to listen to and a lot of hard work on myself, I was able to break some of these cycles: abuses, and addiction. I am still working on the abandonment issues and self esteem.
    I know and see how easily a good amount of people can be lead to believe that they could never better their situation. I see it on the Reservations, in the neighborhoods and yes, with all ethnicities or races.

    In my own experiences I learned that my anger was not really about other people, more about my own expectations of myself, or in some cases those imposed on me.

    Please do not make a blanket statement or generalization that all of any _____________ (fill in the blank) are good or bad. There are very misguided, under informed people of all types in all professions of the world. I have fought prejudices all my life and will continue.

    I do believe that Unions have served a good purpose, in some areas – Police & Teaching, they maybe currently more harm than good. As both those areas it is nearly impossible to fire someone. The same is true for some areas within the Federal Government too.

    I used to play the blame game: if only ________ (fill in the blank), I slowly came to a point that if I had not had these experiences, I would not be the person I am today.

    Again, I do not intend any offense to anyone. Dirty and bad cops ought to be removed.

    I am not very eloquent, it is from the heart.
    It is my hope that this all will get resolved from a place of love and peace.

    Great video B! Thank you.


    • Hi Lesa,

      That was so beautiful and HEARTFELT!
      I cannot tell you how much it means to me to hear your story.
      The COURAGE it takes to share with others.
      The DIPLOMACY garnered to not pass judgment.
      YOU are a true precious soul.
      May the light of the divine shine over you always.
      May your words of overcoming obstacles be an encouragement for others.
      I pray others open up so we can all help each other heal and find solutions.
      All of us on this thread have now likely and greatly benefited from your story of courage and humanity.
      Love and light,


  • I wish we could change. It took me 36 years to wake up and see my truth. It maybe another 50 years before the adults living in their truth and have integrity exposing the truth.


  • Hi, my friend called today from Oregon, upset. She couldnt find one birthday card for her grandson that has a picture of a black child on it, all pictures of white children. This is just wrong! Has anyone else had this problem? I am waking up to this issue. My friend said “Its about time”! I pray we can all come together in Love & Respect and solve these issues. Peace 🥂


    • This is interesting.
      I will agree with you there.
      Now I have not seen many birthday cards with children on it at all, but if this is the case, it should looked into with companies that produce cards.
      This is where we can make the difference too.
      We want to co-exist together – cards with white American children and Black American children – side-by-side
      I appreciate people that want to build an augment fairness and progress forward instead of demanding “lets remove all pictures of all children from birthday cards”
      I think this is an excellent solution.
      Or perhaps there is another and better solution that is yet to be revealed.

      “Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one’s whole being into the being of another.” ~ Martin Luther King


  • JonXArmy had an interesting viewpoint on why the police are being targeted. I won’t say what he said the agenda was. He’s now banned from YouTube He said police are our protection and we’re losing that is what he said. Protection from what? It’s something to think about. I won’t repeat what he said.


    • Hi Veronica,
      You are correct.
      Just as we are condemned if we stereotype races that are not of our own, we are also condemned when we lump groups of people together and judge off of a few bad actors or actresses.
      Lumping all police as “bad cops” yields great negative karma.
      That is why we have to turn out thoughts back around.


  • I am a 56 year old Black woman. And unless you are another black or brown person you will never understand at all what our struggle is. We are not the problem, our skin color is not the problem, the negative reaction and general hatred because of our skin color is the problem. The police were originated to police and monitor leaves. That is the real true factual history of the police force. It is not OK to continue to turn a blind eye and blame people of color for being murdered male and female adult and child historically for our skin color and tell us we have no rights. We are not the problem. The people with the problem are the only ones I can fix it now who has the problem?


    • That is a good question.
      We all need to ask ourselves this – who is the problem?
      Where does the problem stem from?
      Where does it start?
      Perhaps this is something that can be discussed.
      I am hearing stats come out, and to be honest I am doing a little research myself.
      Police brutality may not be a systemic problem, however, bad cops exist and we need to work with the unions to GET THEM OUT.


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