Episode 15 

 June 29, 2020

By  B

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  • ***** venting****
    Utah Salt Lake City. We have had our times to protest all groups. And mostly because of religious dominance in our state. I believe much of what our states history isnt just racial. We do have this history. Its rasicm agsinst women and children.
    Its lack of protected mens rights its protected government holding money for its church. The members here are radical conservative in a religous tone.
    So its not just a Color problem. Owning a home, having a career, even men who are married have loyality issues. Very high divorce rate.
    I believe integrity is the root of war in our area. We have to sue and go yo the news and get support for domestic violence and help. Luckely my community is supportive of me and being single. But in truth I believe that its a religous socilaist vs libertarion, and working hard and paying your bills and being responsible.
    My son is 22. Very irresponsible. No college. He hasnt even tried to get his drivers lisense. Hes on the internet all the time. He fies work but lives under his father roof.
    My 10 year old daughter is gay confessed out spoken to me gay. She has my support. Bit no father support.
    So from state to state the attitude changes. I want chsnge in our state. But mormons rule the government and much of the funding
    So i dont share highly charged articles.i am a peacemaker and healer. Thats my job.


  • I agree with you and everyone needs to listen to that video and share.The evil is coming to light and it has to, it is good verses evil and if none of this comes to light then we would not see all the lies,the deception, the conspiracies, the sicknesses of alot of these people.If you are setting on the sidelines just watching and listening then you see these people for who they really are.These are Prophecies being fulfilled it will end.There is another video i recently found it’s called The hidden King everyone might check that one out also,its a short documentary ive listened to it 3 times and still im a little in shock but what have we not been in shock about lately? I believe we will get our country back,i trust in your readings and we will prevail i just feel like something big is fixen to be happening for the greater good.I will keep sending alot of energy out to the universe and try to keep myself grounded. Please stay safe out there.Much love,light,Blessed Be….


    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you so much for sharing the thoughts and keeping the good vibes going!
      I agree with you, it has to be exposed so that we can see (all of us all over the world) the contrast.
      We do need to understand that others have been brainwashed and that they are weak.
      Slowly and surely they will wake up one by one.
      For some it is too late.
      Let’s keep the unity thought movement strong, soon we will show ourselves.


  • Hi B , A few more thoughts and observations.
    1 – Congress robs us again. With people losing their jobs by force of the government, forced to food lines, children going hungry , congress gives 38 billion to Israel. So much for taking care of your own. I don’t give a damn what the war mongers of Israel do, but they can fund it themselves. Trump where was the veto on this ? This only confirms they are all in bed together. Whatever happened to the government working for the people? It now seems the people are working for the government. This attached short video says it all.
    Did you ever wonder whose pocket this goes to, does it really go to where it is intended ? This goes for all they legislate to other countries, Why is it on my back to take care of them?
    Did you ever wonder why a candidate spends 5 million for a 150,00 thousand job , is it because they will legislate way more than 5 million ? Time to start writing names and addresses.

    2 – Another confirm this was all planned. Why did so many large corporate CEO’s resign in December and January ? Was it to cash in their stock options so they would not be flagged for insider trading like our Senators that were caught ?

    3 – Trump met with the President of Poland and praised him for paying his fair share to NATO. Trump what about your fair share? You have not had the BALLS to show us your taxes to confirm your fair share. So much for Fair shares.
    There should be a published articles of corporations and people who do not pay their fair share, so the people know who not to buy from. Does becoming a multi millionaire and billionaire automatically give you a free pass to become a JAGOFF?
    Bezos , Buffett, Gates and so on and so on and so on? You all know who you are. And we will too. Is a few hundred million not enough to live the good life on, that you have to pilfer more from the ones that earn it for you ?

    4 – If they follow the usual script , after robbing the treasury, they are going to want to start another war, the war mongers and Bush whackers will gladly make a buck off of killing your sons and daughters. Have you seen the precursors ?

    5 – The false Jesuit Globalist Pope, this guy is not even a confirmed priest. Please read the attached Jesuit creed before proceeding it will complete the Puzzle.
    How deep does this go in DC ?
    Now watch this video. This woman has a lot of fantastic content.
    How deep does this go in DC ? Epstein ??
    For those of you that don’t live in the USA don’t be naive, this is happening in your neighborhood too, And with your leaders.
    Damn it’s Looney Tunes
    Thank You


    • Hi Joe,

      Thank you for supplying us with such great information to peruse.
      I agree with the majority of what you said.
      Why are my tax dollars going to other countries?
      This is one of the main questions I want answered.
      If we were sending so much oversees, I wonder how much we would get cut a check for at the end of the year when we do taxes?
      The revolution should be by the people for the people.
      Not the government stealing from us.
      It is not about race anymore it is about corruption – plain and simple.
      Thank you again Joe, always appreciate your insights.


  • Interesting , that on Wednesday the 1st July, in the UK. (I do not live there)..but having noted that all the teams in the football Premiership take the bended knee in support of BLM since the restart of the competition and the media suggestion this is the national opinion!,… now Sky sports commentators are distancing themselves and ditching their BLM badges because of the extremist demands, and fans outrage and also teams Captains threatening to release a statement that they did not want football to be used as a political voice for any ideology. Also online note Sunday 30th June BLM statements about Israel’s annexation of the West bank, which as a foot note, Israel feature’s heavily in the UK’s religious belief’s…also their call to defund the Police, ..AkA..the local ‘Bobby’ & then the BBC staff are reportedly told not to wear BLM badges on air, as they believe that the organization has been hijacked by radicals, I think you can take that as a confirm !


  • ** Just venting

    Even though we aren’t in the US, this affects all of us. My stepdaughter’s half brother was featured in a CBC article for organizing a Bernie Sanders bank a thon. They say psychologically those who are on the far left have mother issues and in his case with his medically diagnosed borderline personality disorder and Bipolar disorder Gemini mother..this is clearly the case!! It’s tragic cause he’s a good kid…he’s just trying usher in tyranny for us all. 😬

    They wanted my husband to run a think tank when he was also at SFU. He was even black barret…even though he is apolitical for some reason he ended up at communist meetings there with famous environmentalist David Suzuki 🤔 I digress. He’s just so greatful that he didn’t go any further with “those idiots who are begging for enslavement and they don’t even see it “.

    What can we do in Canada?


    • Hi Ji,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story.
      AS far as Canada, perhaps we can ask the rest of the group?
      Canada is far more diverse. We only have 1-3 parties in the US.
      Canada has many.
      Generally, when all can find one common enemy it makes the “all” stronger as they are on the same page regarding what they are “fighting against”
      If one were to wake them up to the tyranny and takeover their could be a strong movement, but that will be very tough in Canada.
      They are also strongly programmed by the CBC….most of it is all propaganda unfortunately 🙁
      I will ask about Canada in the next episode.
      Namaste love,


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