Episode 16 

 July 5, 2020

By  B

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  • Everything is energy. After 9/11- I went to a meeting held by Noam Chomsky. I was originally from Oakland/ Berkeley and knew plenty of civil rights people, mostly the Panthers- but went into a shamanic path and felt my growth in that area was my path to “be the change” I went to Philadelphia in 1999 to go through an intensive 5 yrs at an energy healing school. But I was curious to see how the “left ” was handling the 9/11 tragedy. So I went. By then I had had decades of training in discerning energy. One teacher taught me- years earlier- that this was a planet of polarity and it didn’t matter if you chose the Light Side or the Dark Side- if you went into that battle of Dark vs Light- you were on the same side- the side of Battle. — Anyway- I went to the meeting led by Noam Chomsky with an audience of old and young Lefties and their energy was so angry and hateful- exactly the same energy as the Hawks calling for war. That is what I saw – so I left and returned to my healing studies. Then I was challenged by the Dem corruption that struck me personally in Philly in 2006. I became a whistleblower on environmental contamination that made me very sick & I became the target of intense whistleblower retaliation and my life was destroyed by the machine Dems. Hilary’s 3 superdelegates to the 2016 DNC convention are directly involved in the crimes against me. I collected a lot of evidence. I am still attempting to get justice and expose corruption. I was always a Dem but 2 days before the 2016 election I woke up in pure terror that Hillary would win so I voted for Trump just to keep her out. Her best buddy Ed Rendell called Homeland Security on me once to scare me and protect the corruption. Since then, I have listened to almost everything Trump says and think he is the best person for the job at this time. Thank you for your work.


    • Hi Margaret,
      Your story is refreshing.
      To hear your opinion from both sides of the aisle is certainly regarded here.
      I cannot believe how corrupt our government has gotten.
      Many long time members on both sides are highly corrupt and I want them gone.
      I pray we never return to that age where we are “silenced”
      Thank you for whistle-blowing.
      It is horrible what happened to you, I just find some comfort in knowing that “they” know we will not go gently into that good night.
      Many of us still believe in unity and ethical business practices.
      So very appreciative of your perspectives and story.


  • Im just rambling but It’s funny how ppl are
    So mad at Kapernick.
    I dont get it honestly but hey🤷🏿‍♀️. I know great cops and sergeants who are also against bad cops. I dont hate all cops but the bad cops must go. They can arrest ppl about statues but not ppl who have murdered innocent citizens( Breonna Taylor). Trump isnt very civil in my eyes and honestly neither candidate is a good choice to vote on. I think its gonna be way worse before solutions arise. Everyone is too busy being stuck on their own biased views. The lies pile up everyday and you cant trust anyone. I was diagnosed with the coronavirus june 22nd and had no symptoms even though I have preexisting conditions that supposedly could cause me to die from it. In march I was extremely ill with all the symptoms of the virus but my doctor refused to test me. It makes no sense…I took precautions and here I am missing more money to support my family. I lost my father and aunt to the virus but then again I don’t know for sure because we couldn’t go to the hospital. I like watching your videos even if I dont agree with some things you say. I appreciate different views on Current events and your predictions are usually on point. So thanks for giving us time out of your busy life. ~namaste~


    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your thoughts.
      What your saying is very illuminating.
      I also agree with you regarding the cops.
      We must do something to get rid of the bad cops and the corrupt ones – especially at the top.
      I do believe Trump has more things he is about to reveal.
      Right now I feel he does want to do more with the cop issue, but he can’t get in the way of the DOJ.
      Something regarding police reform will likely come out around the end of September, so watch the new developments there.
      I also agree that while everyone is suffering, all our government cares about is their petty arguments and concerns….especially congress.


  • ** bit of an angry rant with horrible punctuation**

    i find it telling that words like: caucasidy and caucasoid which were commonly associated with another ethnic minority.
    fact of the matter is that my tribe is under assault and has been for the last 50 years trough consolidating ideology that is foreign to my native thought processes. in order to eliminate it i repeat white-lives matter like a mantra at least three times daily.
    because at the end of the day i care more about my tribe then someone else’s political correctness be dammed.
    and as far as how i feel about being assaulted by the mob with rocks knives and what have you.

    i have decided that i will equalize with extreme prejudice.


    • Thank you for sharing your frustration with us Eric.
      Everyone, in my belief, needs to hear and see what this movement is doing to us.
      It is dividing us.
      Again all lives matter and that includes all races and all ages.
      But putting a dividing line between us is unfortunately introducing, if not creating, a new type of racism.
      We all must tread carefully here.
      We all appreciate your candor regardless.


  • My Protest*****
    I had protestors in my local park. I clean this park. I clean bathrooms, I clean up grounds. And this group came in and started graffitti they broke all the rules tried to take over the bathrooms. Destroyinv with garbage propoganda.
    We need to look at this moment in our time. What are we as citizens doing to create love and unity going forward.
    I work with blacks. I hang out with groups that play basketball. They dont bother me. Last night a gentleman hanging with his friends all black asked me how I was. He said he was having a good time and he was partying.
    I just smiled and said Im great my friend. Party on !!
    He was kind. No chaos. Just hanging at the park. No issues.
    Being kind. We all deserve to be happy and help each other.
    We all deserve to.live without driveby shootings killing children.
    Why are we allowing driveby shootings and children being killed.??
    Im tired of terrosim and war. American citizens are creating war with us as citizens, why? Really havent we learned from 911??? Why havent we kearned from gangs in LA or Chicago?
    Hey Americans wake up!! 911 all over again. Where is my peace?
    God bless America?
    No American citizens need to stand their ground. We will not allow Terroisms. All American lives matter!
    Americans need to stop creating another f#$%%^ing 911.
    Utah patriot.


    • Amen sister!
      Time for accountability.
      I agree, I am also co-existing with other races perfectly fine.
      We love each other and support one another.
      This divisiveness has to go!
      Blessings fellow Patriot!


  • Hi B, More thoughts and observations. Venting or enlightenment you make the call. It is what it is.

    1- A one line quote form the movie Traitor.
    Stated in the Torah, Killing one innocent is the same as killing all humanity. So much for Religion. Go figure.

    2 – Tearing down statues ? Is painting a mural on the street just replacing it with your own belief ? What’s the difference ?

    3 – Reading the Democratic convention was going to be Virtual.
    Now, to me virtual means simulated, not real. Go figure.

    4 – Lets take Virtual one step further. Is this our congress now , simulated , not real ??????? I see images on a screen with a mask over their face, Who is really voting here ? Can you tell ?
    I am considered essential. If the members of congress do not consider themselves essential and wont report for duty, they should resign and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. I want to see head counts and report cards to see if i am getting what i am paying for. This is worse than throwing ballots in the dumpster . After all, I, You, and we are their bosses. Time for the Bosses to become Ball busters.

    5 – How about the politicians voting to de-fund the police, hiring private security on the taxpayers dime to protect themselves.

    6 – Animal farm. Share a few lines from the song Thick as a Brick. Composed by Ian Anderson, and performed by Jethro Tull.
    The song is 45 minutes long if you choose to listen.
    Beginning few lines.
    Really don’t mind if you sit this one out
    My words but a whisper, your deafness a shout
    I may make you feel but I can’t make you think
    Your sperm’s in the gutter, your love’s in the sink
    Ending few lines
    So you ride yourselves over the fields and
    you make all your animal deals and
    your wise men don’t know how it feels to be THICK AS A BRICK

    7 – Its all Looney Tunes. Is this Cartoon over ?



    • I absolutely love your responses.
      You are bringing up great points.
      I agree with ALL OF THEM.
      I am going to listen to the song and from what I read it looks apropos with I what I am seeing and actually “not” seeing here.
      this is a darn SH!*%@!T SHOW.
      I did call my rep and senator right before the 4th of July and ripped them a new one.
      However, it will take more than just me “figuratively” marching on their head to cause them to fidget.
      I say all patriots gather together in front of the white house and demand action and accountability.
      It sucks that we are even talking in such retributive ways.
      Blessings Joe,


  • I enjoyed your video! Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed. Wow! Powerful points from the book Animal Farm. I am most happy to have tuned into that first video that arrived on my suggested list (8-9 mos. ago). Thank you B I really appreciate your messages, time and efforts.
    Sending blessings,


    • I forgot to add this to my post. I am an empath that often picks up on the physical and emotions of others; there is an emotion in my community; it is “I am not a part of that group/hate”. I am getting that for all skin tones and some of those that happen to be black with this energy – emotion are walking around with additional fear.


  • ****Venting with Questions*****
    I am totally okay if this is not posted and or if you want edit it to share, I relinquish that to you B and your moderator(s).

    I have been getting a repeated message about the virus, that the real hidden agenda is to stop having to pay for people who are on medicare, social security, retirement plans, Gov plans; it feels to be the “corrupted/in power places” who are set on reducing this segment of the people. I have been quiet on this with the exception of my immediate family for obvious reasons.

    This message received a confirmation of sorts that I would really like to know your educated and downloaded view; what are the dangers of oxygen deprivation for short periods of time? Can it be accumulated into longer lasting effects? I heard many of my friends complaining of headaches, thus I launched into this avenue of information. The information I researched suggests a link to the wearing of these masks.
    Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Dd8rmlXicgGi/

    I was just sent a video from a cousin stating that Italian Doctors say the virus is really a bacteria – What? I guess I have more research to do.

    Personally, I am suppose to wear a mask every time I am in a public space (fueling my car, in a park, walking down a street, enclosed stores); I am willing to comfort others by wearing a mask say in a grocery store (we have a fair amount of retirees), but the other areas seem to be over stepped. Did I mention I live in So. Calif.? Where inmates were released to help stop the spread. Makes no sense.

    What is your take on the coin shortage? There are rumors of a paper money shortage arriving too. I would love your take on that when you (smile) have extra time, as if you are not already providing a huge amount of time to us.

    Many thanks again B!

    Sending love, light and blessings to you,


    • Hi Lesa,

      You have some great points here.
      Yes, I do believe the virus/bacteria is a population control tactic.
      Not only that but it will make one sterile.
      Whether it is the virus or the vaccine is yet to be determined.
      This is really deep and very powerful people are involved.
      I got the download initially that a population reducing agent was the goal, the how was the virus or the virus cure.
      Gates has a vaccine for 2020.
      It is already manufactured, but to get the most money from it they must convince the people and the representatives to force it.
      They have a significant number of drugs already developed to curb the pain of the illnesses that will be caused by this vaccine and this virus.
      they would not wan tot produce a cure – where is the money in that?
      All of these governors and mayors that are spreading fear have a stake in this vaccine – a big one.
      These people are quite disgusting.

      Additionally the CDC wants us to count probable cases as a POSITIVE just because they are in close vicinity to a known positive.
      That is why the numbers have been going up this last couple weeks.
      Some states are not counting probable cases however.
      this whole thing is a complete takeover and all will lose freedoms including those who are supporting the movement now.


  • Yep,everything is following into place,it’s exciting everyone is going to get their comeupings.The Jeffery Epsteins case especially, the things these children have been threw will forever burned in their brain’s,it will take years of counseling to help them and still the trauma will be there.Im raising my grandchildren and they have severe trauma from abuse and some sexual abuse,i see first hand everyday how this affects them.The names that will come out will shock some people or not.It will be great to see Payton Place brought down,then all the children breathe a sigh of relief.


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