Extended Psychic Astro ~ Week Commencing July 20th 2020 

 July 19, 2020

By  B

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    • Thank you sweetie! I actually just finished trimming a 40 – 50 foot black walnut.
      Some of the hardest wood to cut into.
      My boyfriend did all the cutting I did all the hauling and cleaning up.
      After that I mowed my lawn!
      We worked for about 4 hours straight, no stopping.
      I am blessed to have a man like that in my life.
      I am so happy to have gotten the tree trimmed and the eves troughs cleaned out! 🙂


  • The first time I listened to the video clip on your cell phone I heard the word “scrolled” and idly wondered why the young woman got so excited about a blog thread she obviously disagreed with so strongly when she could just as easily not watch it at all, and that she would be pounding the table that her phone had been set upon. The second time I listened to your blog post, I heard her say “TROLLED”! In other words, she makes her living TROLLING conservative posts! Or should we say, she MADE her living that way! If SHE can be red-pilled, there’s hope for all our ultra-liberal relatives and neighbors!

    Incidentally, my prayer partner and I have recently added prayers for all those who have been deceived, that they could see the truth and be able to survive the revelation. If this young and apparently very healthy girl could be so heavily affected, I have serious concerns for old-timers, such as nearly all my relatives, who have been hard-core flaming liberals for 70+ years!

    Oh, and not only re-listening and catching the “T” at the beginning of her word began to clarify things, but it also explained why she had repeated that she would have been happy to grossly insult the conservative FOR FREE! She was being PAID to do so, but would have been happy to do so for free, that’s how much she hated him! (And I’ve been informed by someone much younger than me that the thumb-finger “L” by her forehead signifies that the person being referred to is a Loser in her opinion.)

    I’m hoping that her emotions can carry her just as far in the direction of wanting to reveal the hidden chicanery to all her friends, as it had originally carried her to using all her time to be a force for the negative.

    Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers! May this one young woman’s revelation be multiplied a thousand-fold!!


    • Hi Tricia,
      That was beautiful.
      I love that you provided us with a bit more insight into specific “vernacular” and “Symbols”
      May we all pray for the awakening of those whose early adult life has been stolen with a lie that they have perpetrated.
      I agree may the words of this young girl be blasted out to all a thousand fold and assist in further awakening those who have been put to sleep.


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