Extended Psychic Astro Week Commencing June 22nd 2020 

 June 20, 2020

By  B

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  • Excellant reading. I love ISIS cards. I have these too. So i listen to all the sd igns because we all have a little of everything in us.


  • Thank you so very much for your energy and reading!!! You amaze us with every ready that applies to us. Which is EVERY time as if we are getting a personal reading. So much so you enter the dream state wondering if you have a lavender room because it shows up in a dream as we are having reading from you which need to schedule two sessions with you


    • Thank you Tara,
      I appreciate the kind comments and the confirm that these readings are resonating with you.
      Thank you so much for the continued support.


  • I have been listening since the first time I stumbled across your readings. I just love your forthrightness, integrity, compassion, and your beautiful heart. You give so much! And your readings are spot on! You nailed what’s going on with my daughter’s (2 Leo, one Virgo) and I this month. Whoa! I listen to all your offerings. Thank you so much! ❤


    • Thank you Nancy!
      I appreciate the continued support and I am happy that my offerings help you!
      Thank you for the confirm 🙂


  • Hello B,
    Lots of confirms!
    Water and emergencies; 3 Gorges damn in China is on red flag flood watch, as the floods upstream are playing havoc with the regions effected.
    Confirmed the emotional thing, mine began earlier in the day. Thankfully my Aires good side was present to help aide me in getting towards a balance.
    As an Air sign ~Gemini~ I have shared in another post confirming exactly what you shared regarding the Queen. My week is about becoming aware of oxygen deprivation and the face masks; combined with OSHA standards. Researching and sharing on social media.
    Fire sign partner, re-evaluation of paying off a car and did receive a raise. He is also extra protective of a female cat that adopted us who happened to be pregnant. I love your messages!

    Sending love, light and blessings.


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