Extended Psychic Astro Week Commencing May 4th 2020 

 May 4, 2020

By  B

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  • South Dakota? Just a confirm, Plumbing projects all last week and one more left for this week. Looking out for the July dates, will you remind when it comes nearer ?

    Thank You


    • Hi Joseph!
      South Dakota!
      Please do remember those days and let me know what happens.
      It feels like this is a big one for those that take advantage of it!


  • Behind these hazel eyes “kelly Clarkson talks about infidelity and also about wearing mask aka behind the eyes


  • Unbelievable ! Thank you so much ! Are you going to post here that Additional video you have mentioned on YouTube ,That has lots of downloads that would make people angry ?


  • I pick the energies where it resonates to me most Ia a sagi with aqua moon but chiron is in aries which I resonates with aries reading more while jupiter is in pisces. You mentioned something about a message the whole world will know that is being kept secret right now. I have the secret and I believe you will hear this from your state B. Thank you for your readings it helps me keep the hope!


    • Thank you Jenalyn,

      I appreciate the continued support.
      There are so many things coming out, it may be too much for some.
      However, it’s a lot and we are just getting started.
      Blessings of love and light.


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