Extended Psychic Astro Week of July 13th 2020 

 July 12, 2020

By  B

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  • That was an incredible reading. I like how you pulled a card for each sign. Yes I feel the build up of energy.
    I just wish I had my own wishes fulfilled. I have been cared for. But not sure my heart will ever really trust again in a love relationship.


    • HI Heather,
      Many people are going through the same energy.
      Eventually it will pass.
      But gaining trust back or giving trust is getting quite difficult with Saturn in Capricorn for many.
      Good luck with everything and thank you.


  • Really enjoyed the information. Im already seeing and experiencing family drama, anger, troubles. Im learning to heal and walk away. I believe that whatever is hsppen iij ng is helpjng my own mother wake up and becoming more se


  • I apologize. I tried to fix spelling errors and accidently posted.
    I meant to say I see some healing changes with members of my family involving my mother. I do have troubles with siblings. We all have co -dependant and abusive trauma in our family. I do see some healing, and I have learned to allow healing. Energy is intense, because 4th dimentional energy is flowing in for all of our energy.


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