February 2020 ~ Monthly Love 

 January 15, 2020

By  B

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  • you are simply the best, your reading are so spot on it blows my mind. I really need a private reading with you about my cancer and the decisions I have made regarding treatment. This year is going to be very trying, I need your guidance.


    • Thank you Sean, I really appreciate your support.
      Of course, when you feel moved to schedule an appointment with me, I will certainly be there for you.
      I wish you great healing and love,


      • “BREAK THE CHAINS” 🌎
        ” CHRIST FLAME”
        ” STRONG FAMILY ”
        “FAITH & COURAGE”

        i got goose bumps 💓
        listened July 2020


  • Hi B, This is Anna Parra – I had reading with you back in November 2019.

    My Venus is in Leo so of course, I listen to all your Leo Love videos and this message is for definitely for me.

    I was guided by my angels and spirit guides, to read the book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus which I did and completed reading in December 2019. I am now reading the sequel, “Anna the Voice of the Magdalenes. These books are channeled messages through Claire Heartsong, from Anna and others who lived during Jesus’s lifetime.

    Since I picked up these books, my whole life has changed and I did feel someone is directing me to go left, right,up or down. My life’s mission is starting to unfold and I am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you, B for all you do. Much Love to you, Anna


    • Hi Anna,

      What a beautiful story!
      Thank you for sharing and I am so happy your are well and on the path of your awakening!


  • Hi B, love your channel I’m confused. I’m a cancer, rinsing Capricorn and a Pisces moon. My serious bf is a Pisces sun, cancer rising and gemni moon. So what would I look to as two confiding statements? I’ve been feeling taken for granted and he’s been stepping up but he needs to more. Can you clarify? Which message do I watch.. plus now I’m scared of it days he’s laying in bed with a friend?? Can you help? Thanks


    • Hi Stephanie, I would recommend you wait until your monthly.
      I am almost done and Pisces will be posted by tonight or tomorrow.
      Overall, any of the three would work for what is going on with him, however, more likely his rising or moon would be more accurate.
      So I would look at his cancer and gemini message.

      Also where is your Jupiter and where is his venus?
      Your jupiter sign would be for your male counterpart and his venus would be his female counterpart.
      I may release a video letting people know how this works.

      In the end, you have to do what is best for you.
      Only make decisions on confirmed factual information as psychic energy pulls in the energy and sometimes the story but it is there as a confirmation not a determination.
      I hope this makes sense.
      A personal reading is generally one of the best ways to determine energetic impact.


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