Full Moon in Pisces September 14th 2019 ~ Time line sealing up ~ Most full moon energy lasts for 14 days post FM

Sep 12

Full Moon in Pisces at 21 degrees  (you can also see my Pisces full moon video on my you tube channel)

September 14th 2019 at 1133 am

Life Path Numbers 3 and 8 ~ significant affects

Any Natal Planets between 16 degrees and 26 degrees, especially 3rd decan Pisces

Something culminates, ends, needs to be addressed or comes to a boiling point


Interesting to note:   Something is going on here.  It feels like Paul Revere energy, even though it is questioned whether or not Paul Revere actually delivered the message.  The “British are coming the british are coming!”   We all know about Brexit, but this full moon is a whopper for the British for some reason.   Since the time line is sealing, a big move may be in the works.  Remember, we only have barely a 2% chance until Saturn goes direct on the 19th to get ourselves on the new timeline.

The other interesting thing happening on this full moon is that at the same time Mercury and Venus are hoofing it into Libra….I mean mercury has covered nearly 6 degrees in one day!  Again a vital message being delivered…. I mean this is big.  Mercury the planet of communication and Venus the planet of Love and Finance and Luxury have picked up “details” while in Virgo.   However, they were doing some serious research.  That research is now being delivered to the one and only sign which denotes fairness and justice…..Libra.   Massive karma is going to be delivered to a Libra person (for good or bad) relating to communication, contracts, negotiations, money, luxury (think mistress or male 3rd party) and even love. To, note it could be any sign, not just Libra, but Libra will be the most affected.   Who is delivering the final blow?  Or at least a blow to someone’s ego (there could be many) – Taurus, other Libras, Geminis and Virgos…..this is going to be interesting to say the least.

Moon in Pisces opposes Sun in Virgo at 21 degrees

The energy of this full moon is highly, highly psychic.  Many people could get premonitions with great detail or even vivid dreams.  Many people will finalize getting out of a 3rd party situation that no longer serves them or finally addresses a psychological or physical issue.  The past may come back to haunt some people.  Generally related to someone being deceptive, dishonest, manipulative and/or sneaky.   Some people could be highly “volatile” and express passive / aggressive behaviors.  As the british say, “truth will out..”  So, here it is for the whole world to see….whether personal or public.  For others, someone’s reputation is “highlighted” for the good or not so good.

The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto (Rx) in Capricorn at 20 degrees the day before.  

So the full moon will likely pick up this energy.   Somebody is preparing something.   This is pretty big to say the least.  Support is here to get the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed relative to some type of partnership.  It feels financial but could be related to institutions or restoring order in some way.   There is a feeling of anticipation and excitement on the inside, but nobody is saying anything.  Very interesting energy here.  Something could be highlighted about someone’s health as well.

Mercury in Virgo conjuncts Venus in Virgo at 28 degrees

Someone is getting ready to put the finishing touches on a project… if they have not done so already.   Communication regarding a project completing or the “package being delivered” is very apparent at around this time.  There is something having to do with “delegation” at around this time.  It feels as though people are being given their “marching orders.”  AS if there is a meeting of 8 people.  These 8 people all have their individual strengths.  Someone is literally saying, “number 1 – go, number 2 –go, number 3-go etc…..  and they go do their specific task…. This energy feels very fascinating or fantastical.

Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 17 degrees

POWER PLAY!   It appears that someone is trying to make up or build a story to “fool” someone else or to “deceive” them.   There is an energy present that someone is either trying to find details to make someone look bad.  However, all it does is backfire.  It is as if they can’t find anything.  It is as though efforts are being exhausted to find “dirt” on someone, but they can’t.   For others, someone has been blackmailing with dirt on someone else and it comes to the surface.  Some people decided to put their head in the sand, but now they are being forced to make a decision….lies or the truth… yikes.

The Sun in Virgo Sesquiquadrate Uranus (Rx) in Taurus

This energy is being highlighted so that it can be addressed.  This could be related to possessions, home, land, comfort items, putting in work, delegating tasks, outward reputation and/or responsibility.   So who is kidding who here?  Thought it was too expensive to get a divorce huh?  Or perhaps getting a divorce wasn’t a good societal move?  You don’t want to lose money, they don’t want to give up the comfort, so why don’t we play like we’re still working it out, but in reality we are just in it for the money and are sleeping with other people.  What type of karma is being created here?  Bad or good?  I will give you one guess and it is not good.  How are you feeling now?  Controlled, frustrated or maybe manipulated?  This could also be a child who is not leaving the house and won’t take responsibility.   If you had an opportunity to come clean regarding this set-up or this bouncing back (sometimes including the “agreement” for sex) between an ex and an innocent person….. and you DID NOT come correct…… the innocent person is GONE and 12 years of hell is a long time…… ouch.

For those of you that came clean, it still hurt and you may have lost a dear relationship, but at least you are now healing from your own self-sabotage.  It is better this way so the innocent person can make an informed decision whether to accept the arrangement or not.

Mercury and Venus in Libra bi-quintile Uranus (Rx) in Taurus

There is an expectation or an excitement relative to letting something go once and for all.  Maybe for those of you dealing with the stubborn energy of an ex (what I just talked about) perhaps you are saying enough is enough and you are “planning your escape.”  This energy has everything to do with partnerships in business and in romance relative to communications, contracts, negotiations, homes, possessions or real-estate.   Whatever someone is planning here relative to an “escape” or a “freedom from” it will happen unexpectedly.


If your rising sign, sun sign at 16 to 26 degrees in any of these signs OR MORE ACCURATELY

What house is affected in your natal chart where Pisces and Virgo are at 21 degrees

Here are your areas of Affect


Capricorn or the 3rd house – Contracts, Negotiations, Short-distance travel, social media, communications, spying, siblings, neighborhood, or Gemini people

Aquarius or the 2nd house – Self value, money you make or earn or Taurus people

Pisces or the 1st house – Identity, Self, Physical Appearance, Aries people

Aries or the 12th house – The past, the hidden, healing, psychosis, psychics, research, sacrifice, love, Pisces people

Taurus or the 11th house – hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks, associations, Aquarius people

Gemini or the 10th house – Status, career, commitment, boundaries, Capricorn people

Cancer or the 9th house –  higher education, legal, law, people politics, travel, foreign people and lands, the occult, Sagittarius people

Leo or the 8th house – intimacy, joint finances, death, re-birth, deep seeded issues, passion, jealousy, or Scorpio people

Virgo or the 7th house –justice,  romantic or business partnerships, focusing on the “other” in your life, or Libra people

Libra or the 6th house – Reputation, health, service, details, pets or Virgo people

Scorpio or the 5th house – Children, Romance, Creativity, Risk Taking, Pets or Leo People

Sagittarius or the 4th house – Home, Ancestry, Family, Core being, pack rat energy or Cancerian people