March 17, 2020

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Full Moon in Virgo on March 9 2020 at 11:47 am at 19 degrees

Life path numbers of 1, 7 and 9 will be positively affected with an ending, culmination or something that gets addressed once and for all.
We have a super full moon, also called the worm moon on this day. Expect there to be a choice between a quick fix or a fast escape from a situation. The full moon opposes Neptune and the Sun so the Sun will illuminate what Neptune has been up to and it will place a bright light for an ending, a culmination or something that needs to be addressed regarding health and reputation for good of for not-so-good. It could be that an ailment must be handled immediately or that an ailment, illness or condition has reached its peak and is now waning. I feel that people will be getting healthier, and stronger. After a bout of confusion regarding health, the ailment lifts or abates significantly. Why? Ever hear the phrase “Strong as an ox?” Well with more planets entering Taurus the collective will start to feel much better. Throat and respiratory issues will clear up quickly. Especially as the North Node slowly approaches Gemini and is currently within orb of the third decan.

Remember what I said about Mercury retro in Pisces? A great time to detox and get your body prepared for a transformation through healthy eating, a new diet or fitness program or both. For those of you that started a program around the last week in February, you should be seeing the results now. For those of you that have not taken advantage of the great “purge” you can still do so. What a great time to take charge of your life and your health! Get rid of that junk that has been clogging up your mind, your body and your aura!

If your reputation has been flagging or has been questionable, you will want to address that ASAP. Not because something will magically happen with your reputation, but because Venus is entering Taurus. The sign of possessions and self-value. Venus rules Taurus so those people with planets or heavenly bodies in Taurus between 0 and 8 degrees will be especially blessed around this full moon energy. This energy will have legs for a minimum of 14 days. We also have Uranus conjuncting Venus around this time so something unexpected may happen with love. It could be an unexpected, “I love you.” For some, or for others if you have been trying to get your partner to agree to a divorce and they have been stubborn, they may now (surprisingly) agree to the terms. Regardless of what the surprise is, in the end the result is quite favorable for all concerned even though there may be a slight jolt to the energy.

We also have Uranus sextiling the North Node at 4 degrees, but also sextiling the South Node. There is great support on this day to remove any restrictions, commitments or obligations that no longer serve you (think of getting rid of that monthly fee you pay to go tanning that you never use) so that you can build up your savings or use that money for something else more appropriate. The element of surprise regarding family or the home is highlighted. So expect a change of plans or something being disrupted out of the blue regarding the actual home, possessions or family around this time. Whatever this disruption is, just know that it is for the better. With the North Node conjuncting Chiron and Black Moon Lilith some family members may be a bit rebellious or difficult, so just stay calm and centered. Do not feed into the drama!
Pay attention to March 28th and April 1st through 4th – something that was hidden or something that was waiting for a better moment to be revealed is coming! May have to do with love, creativity, illusion, visionaries, research, boundarylessness, documentation, social media, psychic abilities or even a Pisces or Aries person.

Everyone will be involved with (discussion or otherwise) or affected by a Pisces or a Virgo, but I have also included other signs who may impact you below. So let’s get into this full moon! How is this super moon going to affect you? If you have a rising, sun, or moon or planets between 14 to 24 degrees of any sign, expect to be affected. The mutable signs, water signs and earth signs will likely be affected quite positively. Check out your natal chart at astro-charts.com to find out the degrees of your planets.


Capricorn (earth- Cardinal – positive)
You will be affected in your ninth house of foreign people, foreign lands, travel, higher education, the occult, legal or law. A Sagittarius person may be playing into this energy as well. Some discussion or action, likely about any of these elements just mentioned, will be a topic of focus. Anything foreign of you may appear at this time and suddenly. This could even be someone getting a surprise scholarship or admission to an excellent university or even doing well in school. Was the stalemate or the slump in this area a phase? Looks like it was…..Something will be culminating, ending or be addressed in these areas.

Aquarius (air – fixed – a bit of friction)
You will be affected in your eighth house of joint finances, intimacy, jealousy, revenge, death and re-birth. A Scorpio person may be going through a bit of a tough time here. They may not know how to express their feelings (usually an easy thing for a Scorpio!) or perhaps you do not know how to express something to a Scorpio. I am sensing an internal conflict that needs to be addressed so it can be let go of. You may want to approach discussions with as much love and compassion as possible. As well you need the same. If you or someone you love or care about have been detached or physically separated you may feel the need for nurturing, cuddling, intimacy or have “the talk” about the future. At a minimum, you may broach the topic to get a good handle on the energy you are dealing with.

Pisces (water – mutable – positive)

You will be affected in your seventh house of the other. A Virgo person may be in the mix here. Also fairness in business partnerships and romantic partnerships. Well Pisces, right now your partner needs you. Probably more than you need them. I am not being hyperbolic, just truthful. You went through hell, as did others in 2019…and now it is OVVUHHH. You are not going back. Pisces, you may very well just be doing your thing, and notice a discrepancy, a big one. Do the right thing Pisces, bring it up and get it addressed, other people are counting on you to do the right thing. Now your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it is…. How can I give love and support without being taken advantage of? With this full moon energy I can tell you that confidence, boundaries, organization and reasonable assistance are the ways to go. If you do not go to extremes either way you should be rather blessed with what is ending, culminating or being addressed in your business and romantic partnerships…

Aries (Fire – cardinal – a bit of friction)
You will be affected in your sixth house of daily duties, pets, health and reputation. A Virgo person may be front and center with this energy. For some reason I am sensing that for the majority of the Aries your daily life is going through a massive overhaul. Perhaps your kids are more active or maybe your kids have gone to college and now you are filling time with hobbies and friends. You may decide to get a pet, especially if one just passed. So you are going through the ending phase and jumping into the culmination phase. One thing for sure is to “mind the details” and stay organized. There is a bit of a surprise here, so be gracious and be very fair as your reputation may depend on it. People are watching you…above you and below you.

Taurus (Earth – Fixed – positive)
You will be affected in your fifth house of romance, children, creativity, pets and risk-taking. Something is culminating, needs to be addressed or ending in this area. You may have children going off to college or getting ready for registration with summer camp. A Leo person could be affecting this energy with you as well. If you are dating someone it may get more exclusive (talks of travel, engagement, marriage) as someone really wants a solid foundation with someone they can have fun with and who likes kids. Married couples will be talking about needing more romance or more date nights! You may get a new pet if one just passed (similar to the Aries) in about 14 days or so. Your creativity may be off the charts, and you nailed that project down to the 1/8 of an inch! So, it is time to show off your SKILLZZZZZ…….Some of you may get unexpectedly pregnant…..did the ovulation calendar work? Take measures if that is not what you want. If you do…..congrats!

Gemini (Air – Mutable – Good)
You will be affected in your fourth house of home and family. You may be working on a home project, renovations, painting, landscaping or even preparing something for the “family.” Your assistance here is greatly appreciated! A Cancer person may be part of this energy as well. Something is coming to an end, a culmination or something needs to be addressed in this area. Siblings may be wanting to meet you soon or asking you when you can chat. I feel that Gemini’s are creating a new “definition” of family, or one that is new for them. The “family unit” takes on great significance as it relates to health, reputation and daily duties. We are a family, we protect our family, our family is healthy, vibrant and supportive. This may also be an affirmation you want to include in your daily meditations.

Cancer (Water – Cardinal – positive)
You will be affected in your third house of siblings, short-distance travel, contracts, negotiations, social media and possibly Gemini people. Finally! You get to see your sister or your brother! Plans are being made or discussed here. It sounds like a sibling has good news to share! Congrats! It is quite unexpected, but you were feeling something was up anyway…right Cancer? There is a contract or discussions about contracts or negotiations on the forefront of your mind. The devil is in the details Cancer, but you already knew that. There is something ending, culminating or needing to be addressed here.

Leo (Fire – Fixed – a bit of friction)
You will be affected in your second house of self-value and money you make from the company you work for or the business you own. A Taurus may have something to do with this energy. For some reason Leo you kind of feel like you are getting the short end of the stick. Maybe you feel as though you are not appreciated enough or you feel like you work twice as hard as everyone else. Don’t worry this cycle will be ending soon. Why? Because someone who has an eye for the details (and this may be you) is going to bring it up. I am definitely sensing the March 28th through the April 4th timeframe for you as it relates to things being put back on the straight and narrow. Fair is fair – period.

Virgo (Earth – Mutable – positive)

You will be affected in your first house of identity. An Aries person may play a large role in something you need to address. Something is ending, culminating or needs to be addressed regarding who you identify yourself as or associate yourself with on a personal basis. Pay attention to the other! If you have a Pisces in your life they may mesmerize you or need some attention. If you do, it is likely the cosmos will bless you with something.

Libra (Air – Cardinal – a bit of friction)

You will be affected in your twelfth house of the past, the hidden, psychic abilities, research, hospitals or even Pisces people! Something is happening here where you may need to “lean” on a Pisces or ask for a Pisces to help you. For some, you may have to swallow your pride as it relates to a Pisces person. There is something that you formulated in your mind about your past or a past event that may not have been accurate. Did you underestimate someone or something? Are you being asked to seriously consider what someone has to offer? For others, the twelfth house also rules romance….. do you want to tell someone how much you care or even that you love them but can’t get it out? No need to rush take your time, you will be presented with the right time in the 14 days

Scorpio (water – fixed – Good)
You will be affected in your eleventh house of hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks and associations or even an Aquarius sun, moon, rising or Venus person. In the case for Scorpio, well, you have lost people out of your life. Where did they go? Will I ever have my family (soul family, actual family, friendship tribe) again? CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!! YES!!!! All that pain you went through was for a reason. You had to feel the pain in order to appreciate the joy!! You had to lose in order to appreciate the gain. For some of you this will happen on a small level, but for others it will be big. In the next 14 days you will have at least one person enter your family landscape and well, they are a keeper. Even though you may be or you were cautious initially, you will start to feel more comfortable and open your heart. For some of you, you are going balls to the wall regarding a goal or you are celebrating the completion of a long endeavor you have been working on.

Sagittarius (fire – mutable – good)
You will be affected in your tenth house of status and career or perhaps a Capricorn person. If you have a couple of projects or clients in the hopper you can now expect to see the fruits of your labor. The note to mention is to really pay attention to the details and be very organized, this way you should be ready for anything. Something about your status or career is changing or perhaps even someone around you is changing their status or career. Either way a Capricorn person may be assisting you in this area that has something that needs to be addressed, culminated or ended.

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