Full Super Moon in Libra ~ April 7th 2020 ~ Energy lasts a minimum of 14 days! 

 April 13, 2020

By  B

Super Full Moon in Libra April 7th 2020 at 9:35 pm CST at 18 degrees

This super full moon in Libra has everything to do with partnerships and fairness.  It also has an instinctive need to balance a situation so there is a win-win.  This may happen via a culmination an ending or something that needs to be addressed.  Full moons for me are almost like boiling water.  Once it gets to the boil you are either going to have a mess if you haven’t been paying attention, or if you got distracted you have to catch it before it boils over and you are going to have to monitor it to bring the boil down, or you were prepared and you capitalize on your timing and what you would like to accomplish (spaghetti al dente anyone?)

This full moon opposes the Sun in Aries.  Not surprisingly this energy deals with the individual versus the couple.  Interdependence will be GREATLY rewarded on this day.  It is that happy medium between having your own space, while also showing support and giving some energy to the other person in the union.  People who are a bit unbalanced may be emotionally unhinged by this energy.  Some will want to bolt from a partnership and others will cry and stomp because someone is not giving them enough attention, for others it may be to the extreme of wanting to get married after your first date or first intimate encounter.….that would be a negative ghost-rider.  However, for some, and if there is a good balance between the “I” and the “we” the relationship will get stronger here and may very well lead to a deeper bond.  This may also be a marriage proposal.

For others law and legal issues are affixed to this full moon.  There is a concern that independence is being compromised or there is a resurgence of independence.  A demand.  I am hearing “Don’t tread on me.”

For those whose life path numbers are 9 or 6 you can expect significant impact from this full moon regarding the above energies.  All in all just be mindful to receive with love whatever this full moon has in store for you.  Stay balanced no matter what comes your way.  Significant shifts are upon us so make sure that you are prepared by staying balanced, optimistic and forward thinking.  Look at the big picture and build your castle on rock, not sand.  It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride… but we are ready for this, we have been ready for this and for many of us ….bring it on.

So what are the energies this full moon is intermingling with or how will this full moon energy be triggered?

Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus at 5 degrees AND Mercury in Pisces sextiles Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn 25 degrees

On or around this day there is a level of tension regarding groups versus the possessions of these groups.  This is an extreme day.  People will be going to extremes and there is a level of discomfort relative to a “perceived” unfairness.  This is petty energy.  In addition, there is a significant surprise regarding a “specific group of people” and this is all a part of the story.  This may be because a measure of truth is being revealed and this affects people profoundly.  Again banks and institutions are in the hot seat or will be a significant part of this energy.  So get ready and stay calm.  We have to ask ourselves is the storm coming?  Or is it just starting? What does a silent storm look like?  However, whatever this tension is, it may make a partnership even stronger.  Possessions, homes, networks, associations, healing, research, hospitals, romance, psychic abilities, the past, the hidden, hierarchies, status, career and banks are in focus.  Someone may be delivering great news, but others are upset by this. I am also hearing the words, “self-destruct button.”

I feel this energy of truth has everything to do with the massive destruction and/or transformation of the banking industry and certain groups of people who have had a level of control over people.  These controlling groups are now being exposed.   What I feel here is that there is a “round up.”  I know this sounds a bit extreme, but this is what it looks like to me.  Mercury has passed over Neptune and has been given the “hidden information.”  This sextile is going to “pass” the unexpected change and abrupt transformation from Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn to Mercury in Pisces.   Mercury will include the “secret that has been hidden” as well so watch out.  Some people will lose their shit.  I don’t particularly like swearing, but in this case, well there you go.  It is likely a Pisces person will be delivering this information.  People may fall out of their chairs.  This may also reveal itself as news about a Pisces person that will be so profound and unexpected, people may fall out of their chairs regarding that as well.   With this being a sextile, I feel whatever information this is may be very supportive.  Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will cause or will be greatly affected by the energy on or around this day.

Mars in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries at 6 degrees

There was a massive blow-up the day before, but now everything is calm.  It’s settling down.  Like all of the sudden…..poof.  Everything is better.  All’s well that ends well!  It seems odd to me that at this time in our environment that this type of energy could exist.  Something is going on that is healing a situation in a massive scale.  “Curiouser and curiouser!” said Alice.

So, where is your area of focus (Sun in Aries) and your opposing area (Moon in Libra) of endings, culminations or something that needs to be addressed?  In order for you to achieve something in your house of Aries something must culminate, end or be addressed in your house of Libra.  Libra people and Aries people are in the spotlight.  Other signs may be as well especially if you have a rising or any natal planets at 13 to 23 degrees of Air or Fire Signs.  OR Life path numbers of 9 or 6.  Cardinal signs at these locations may need to work a bit harder to find the balance.

1st house – House of Identity, Trailblazing, being headstrong and Aries people

2nd house – House of possessions, earth, the money you make from the company you work for or the business you own and Taurus people

3rd house – House of communications, social media, contract, negotiations, siblings, short distance travel, the neighborhood and Gemini people

4th house – House of home and family, heritage and ancestry, the mother and Cancer people

5th house- House of romance, children, creativity, risk-taking pets and Leo people

6th house- House of health, reputation, details, service, every day duties and Virgo people

7th house- House of fairness, judicial system, partnerships, the other and Libra people

8th house- House of joint finances, intimacy, obsessions, jealousy, sex, death and re-birth and Scorpio people

9th house- House of foreign people foreign lands, travel, the occult, higher education, legal, law, people politics, sales tactics, optimism and Sagittarius people

10th house – Status, Career, Dedication, Perseverance, Money, Banks, the father and Capricorn people

11th house- Hopes, Wishes, Dreams, goals, networks and associations, groups even mob mentality or Aquarius people

12th house- Subconscious, unconscious, healing, hospitals, the past, the hidden, psychic abilities, psychosis, research, martyrdom, sacrifice and Pisces people.

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