Gemini Full Moon ~ December 12th 2019 at 11:12 pm CST at 19 degrees

Dec 09

Full Moon in Gemini

December 12, 2019 at 19 degrees

11:12 pm – 12:12 am depending on where you are in the world


Anyone with a life path number of 1 or 8 OR anyone who has any natal planet, sun or rising between 14 – 24 degrees in their natal Gemini house will be affected through the closing of a cycle relative to communications, siblings, contracts, negotiations, short distance travel and social media. Even Gemini people. You may also be affected positively if you have any natal planet at these degrees in Aquarius, Aries, Leo or Libra. If in Sagittarius then you have to try and balance a situation and may have to sacrifice one for the other temporarily or maybe permanently. If you have any planets at these degrees in any of the other signs prepare for a bit of drama or debate depending on the characteristics of the planet and what sign they are in.

So, let us say you have Saturn in Gemini at 17 degrees in your natal chart. Let’s say 17 degrees in Gemini for you is in your 7th house. This means there will be a significant ending, completion, climax or something that needs to be addressed regarding restrictions around communication or commitment to brothers and sisters. It will be emotional. For the good or maybe not so good. For others with no planets being hit by the full moon directly, you will feel the energy of the house where the full moon is located.   So if you have no planets and 17 degrees of Gemini in your natal chart is in your 5th house, you will likely feel impact on something that needs to addressed, ended or come to fruition regarding the gemini aspects and the aspects of the 5th house such as romance, children, creativity, risk taking or pets.



The full moon in Gemini opposes the Sun in Sagittarius. For some a decision or a sacrifice regarding a Gemini or a Sagittarius is being considered. For others there is a need to balance or make a decision or “close something up” relative to communications, siblings, short distance travel, contracts or negotiations vying with foreign people, foreign lands, legal, law, the occult, people politics, higher education and travel.   Which one will it be? For some this closure will be easy peezy lemon squeezy… for others…. well not so much ….. let’s get into it.

What is the energy coming along for the ride?

Mars in Scorpio trines Jupiter in Capricorn at 2 degrees

A mars in Scorpio brings passion, war-like tendencies, obsession, power, death and re-birth, aggression, jealousy out to the fore. At the present time Jupiter in Capricorn is supporting this energy as it relates to commitment, loyalty, boundaries, money, power or stability. This energy will likely translate in two ways.   There is a support for war or aggression because someone by proxy becomes more powerful OR because of someone’s passion a great ending will precede a great beginning. And I mean GREAT.   So why such a dichotomy between the two energies ….who wins? Well…..


Jupiter in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries at 2 degrees

The same Jupiter that is getting support from Mars is being squared by Chiron (Rx) in Aries. Many people around this time are actually going to see that they are being MANIPULATED to be aggressive so that others will become more powerful by proxy. This is another installment of the “great awakening” that I talked about in the Saturn direct video. It is at this time the next “event” appears.   However, it is different this time. How is it different? When people realize they have been lied to they will quietly disengage. It feels very much like the white flag of surrender will be happening drip by drip, day by day, hour by hour, week by week.   When the true colors are revealed, expect some people will have to heal against their will. This is healing that happens due to universe saying, “No SOUP for YOU! I have watched you cut in front of the line, giving people sob stories and lying to them… will not go to the back of the line…. You are not welcome here! You must now work for your SOUP!”

This is an unexpected development and it will cause people to get angry and frustrated. All of these things that people have been promised has been a lie. It has been promised so that a distinct dichotomy could be created then manipulated. A work example would be a boss saying you are going to get promoted and get a raise. Because of the support you organize their meetings, do grunt work, pick up dry cleaning arrange talks or groups and get others engaged to support your boss. Your boss is eating it up and they are very successful and you are excited by the fact your boss is going to take you with him/her all the way up ladder!   Your reward will be ASTRONOMICAL! Right! Right??? But then at a meeting 5 months later they announce no one is getting raises and no one is getting promoted and nothing could really be promised to anyone, or “I tried, but I just couldn’t get you what you wanted, sorry man I tried.” Then two months later who is getting promoted and got a substantial raise? They are…. Ouch!!

For others, this could be where someone was given a great gift. They squandered it or did not treat properly and now they are seeing someone else enjoy this great gift. It unfortunately may prompt a bout of depression for some.

For others someone may pay off a mortgage or a loan. It will sting at first, but paying the interest is simply too much money (it almost feels like extortion)….. For some skeletal issues could flare up for a little while before they get better. Make sure you are taking care of yourself ESPECIALLY if you are a CUSPER!!!


If your rising/sun/moon sign is: This is where you will address, culminate or end something regarding Gemini traits of communications, contracts, siblings, short-distance travel, multi-tasking, shoulders, lungs, arms, nervous systems, social media or other Gemini people

Capricorn – 6th house of Virgo – health, reputation, daily duties

Aquarius – 5th house of Leo – romance, children, creativity, risk taking

Pisces- 4th house of Cancer – Home, family, ancestry

Aries- 3rd house of Gemini – communications, siblings, short-distance travels, neighborhood, social media, contracts, negotiations

Taurus – 2nd house of Taurus – self (something ending or completing regarding identity), money you make from the business you own or the company your work for, possessions, self-value.

Gemini – 1st house of Aries – identity

Cancer – 12th house of Pisces – Wisdom, the past, psychic abilities, healing, psychosis, research, sacrifice

Leo – 11th house of Aquarius – hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks and associations

Virgo – 10th house of Capricorn – status and career

Libra – 9th house of Sagittarius – travel, foreign people and lands

Scorpio – 8th house of Scorpio – jealousy, death and re-birth, passion, joint finances, intimacy

Sagittarius – 7th house of Libra – fairness, indecision, business partnership and romantic partnerships