Irrational Rationals 18 

 July 12, 2020

By  B

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  • The information in that article is exactly why I voted for Trump in the last elections. I don’t care for Trump all that much, I think he’s a complete narcissist, but the Clintons are pure evil.


      • I believe it will all settle down. Day by day we must be patient in the game. I believe the bigger issues are not being able to share my opinions on twitter accounts. They have all been seized by hackers that are libral.
        So much deceit is going on.
        Kryon says the old energy will fight to the death of getting its way.
        We all need to stop acting like 12 year old children , walk away from the playground , and choose to love and live our lives. Bugs, floods, fires, volcanoes, stormes, cold, will take place.


        • I believe you are correct on most counts.
          However, resting on laurels is not advised right now.
          Too much corruption and propaganda.
          People must be heard LOUDLY to truly bring these evil doers to their knees or held accountable for wrongdoing.
          Respect always and thank you for sharing opinions and perspectives with me and the whole group here.
          Blessings Heather,


  • VENTING – I agree 100% with your statements about masks. Unfortunately, I live in a State with a Governor who is completely out of control. Our legislature, businesses, and individuals have all taken action against her and tried to quash her “power” without success. The judicial system has, for the most part, enabled her to continue to be a “dictator”, excluding our legislature from the decision making process, closing many businesses, issuing over 140 EOs to date (with more to come). Many of us in my State have voiced our dissatisfaction with the Governor through protests, defying EOs, contacting our representatives, etc., yet there does not seem to be any proper legal way to combat her tyranny! We are strong and will continue on, but it is very disheartening to see so many lose their livelihood, businesses that have been here for many many years are now gone forever. Some people are handling it better than others, many who do not know any better are still sheep, many believe the government should continue to “support” them with stimulus and unemployment (Yep, I’ve lost a few “friends” over that one!) I am fortunate and have continued to work throughout this whole mess with little inconvenience. By nature I have ALWAYS been a compassionate, caring, respectful and tolerant person; however, this has now become a daily struggle for me in the current environment. I love the State where I live, this is MY HOME and I hope that the good people who live here make different choices at election time. You should know that the majority in my State are EXTREMELY hard working AMERICANS….but we are also law abiding citizens which has put us in unfamiliar waters. Frankly, we just don’t know what to do. Legal recourse has failed, large employers won’t break the orders so many can’t go to work, the individuals who have ignored the EOs have had licensing taken away, been given fines, etc. IT’S SO FRUSTRATING! I pray for strength, guidance and protection. Thanks for listening B, thank you for this outlet and for sharing your insight, information, readings, etc. Many blessings to you and God Bless America 🙂


    • Hi Debra,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us.
      Yes, I agree many people of your state are trying to remove her with no luck.
      However, I think more drastic or more intense energies are around the corner.
      Third week in July through to third week in August.
      Let’s see what happens there.
      Blessings – God Bless America – Keep fighting the good fight my dear – we are behind you.


  • Ye. It’s been over a year that I came across a handful videos exposing the evilness of them Both (the couple). Absolutely horrifying… specially Her. A lot of leaked emails, also a video where she and Huma Abedin were torturing to death a young girl, the police officers who saw it couldn’t take it (literally)and most of them are dead nowadays… Just absolutely beyond Evil. She’s a Pedovore.
    Hopefully they will not remain unpunished. Hard to believe it, but webshould hope for some justice..


    • Thank you Paula for your comments.
      According to the alignments, something should be getting highlighted here and quite damming at that.
      However, we will see.


  • Wow!!!! IT feels like you weren’t so sure about putting that out there about the library thing.We all want to know everything, when are things going to happen?,will justice be served? But like you said you don’t want to alter the outcome.Did anyone see the video on youtube about the baby that was beaten to up its adrenalin and they torture the baby and at the time of death they withdraw the blood so our celebrities can stay looking young and politicians also.They pay a 1000.00 dollars per shot for the death of an infant,what a bunch of sick,well nevermind.Wow, the Clinton’s are just a bunch of gangsters,they will be punished by death also by their maker,who would of thought that all this crap was going on behind our backs,but i will keep calling out to the Divine to end this madness once for all.


    • Hi Helen,
      Yes, I have heard of it.
      I believe it is called adrenocitlien or something like that.
      Yes, these people are sick.
      The ones that start looking aged first are the ones that are going through withdrawal.
      Many believe that Johnny Depp and Celine Dion are the bigger users, but nothing proven yet.
      Blessings and I will pray also.
      I want these people brought to justice.


  • Hi B , More thoughts and observations. Take it for what it is.
    1 – A line from the movie Lord Of War.
    Secret to survival. Never go to war, especially with yourself.

    2 – Is this attached video the reason why all phases of our government gave Israel 38 billion dollars ???
    Take off the masks, suck up your shame and maybe regain some dignity. The people of this country don’t deserve being part of your blackmail. Some very interesting pictures in this video.

    3 – First order of business. Repeal of S3176. FEED YOUR OWN PEOPLE FIRST.

    4 – People are starting to bring protests to the front lawns of our politicians. Maybe expand this to the CEO’s of large corporation’s and banks.

    5 – Is Hillary really the Aunt of Mike Pence ???

    On the lighter side…. What is your rational or irrational. Interested to see some members answers.
    6 – Is the earth round ?
    A – True
    B – False
    C – I really don’t have a clue.
    D – I was brainwashed to believe it to be this way.

    7 – Is the earth Flat ?
    A – True
    B – False
    C – I really don’t have a clue.
    D – I was brainwashed to believe it to be this way.

    I missed the 1984 snippet, i enjoyed hearing it in the last IR . It was not a requirement with any of my English teachers.

    Thank You


    • Hi Joe,
      Great as always.
      I would recommend everyone participate in your questionnaire.
      I will also watch the video.
      I have not read S1376 but I will as soon as I can.
      Is the Earth Round – Yes, based on satellite photos. But if these were manipulated in any way and we live in a hologram it could be anything (oval, flat, octagon) and I would certainly be wrong believing it is round.
      Excellent and thought provoking in a fun way.


  • B,
    I agree with you 100% on Trump. I could not vote for a woman who from my point of view intentionally placed soldiers in harms way; adding insult to injury by stating “What does it matter anyway?”. There was or has been a silver lining to HRC stating that Margaret Sanger was her hero, as many where not aware of M.Sanger and E. Roosevelt’s Eugenics program. Many more people are now aware, thank the stars!

    There is a video I wish to share with you as it confirms much of what you have been saying and the lies behind, I am not sure it belongs in this post. I will find a way of getting it to you.

    As for staying positive; I have been only allowing 1-2 hrs of real news time/research, most of the other time as been out in the garden.

    I live in a state that just re-issued another form of lock down and anytime you walk out your front door you are to wear a face mask – Argh! Recall efforts failed initially (corruption), maybe with this return/revisit the people will be able to recall the nephew of the speaker of the house.

    Sending you extra blessings, strength, love and light!


    • This is great Lesa!
      Thank you for all of your support!
      I appreciate your take on everything and the extra info from what you are experiencing.


  • I live about an hour north of Chicago I went to the dentist yesterday in Chicago and was shocked all the people I saw wore masks outside it was incredible. Short conversation with dentist he’s waiting for a vaccine I made a few comments he seemed to listen with interest I literally thought I was on another planet how can people not know about all these issues couldn’t wait to come home was bummed out all evening.


    • Oh my gosh Elina, what a story.
      I live in a completely open state – south dakota.
      Some people where masks but not many.
      Currently we are about 92 % recovered.
      It was good to see contrast though.
      Unfortunately, what you saw was mind control in living color.
      This is a psychological torture.
      Bless you and stay safe.


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