Irrational Rationals ~ Episode 20 

 July 25, 2020

By  B

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  • It appears that there is a huge lack of working together as a whole for the collective in general and just narcissistic division instead. I find it harder and harder to have patience. Thank you B! I look forward to these videos.


  • Hi B , More Thoughts and observations. It is what it is.

    1 – A couple quotes from some Youtube videos.
    A – Legality is a matter of power. Government and laws aren’t a guide to human decency and morals.
    B – 800,000 children missing a year. 183,000 covid deaths. What is the real virus here. Remember look over here and don’t look back over here cuz we are all guilty.

    2 – How stupid is the general public ? Why would you confront Heavily armed individuals unless you are heavily armed yourself? Don’t confront and let them sit there with their thumbs up their asses. That’s a win to me. Otherwise you are playing into their hand.

    3 – Our rights have been trampled the past 6 months. Has the ACLU gone Ostrich and buried their heads in the sand. Monkey can’t see. Or should I say Ostrich.

    4 – Ivanka Trump clothing line made in China. Donald Trump clothing line made in China, Made in Mexico. Let’s make America Great Again. Take the money and run. AKA Nike.

    5 – Pro Sports out of control . My first boycott was when they took my tax dollars to build their stadiums. I have my vices, I like to have a cigarette when i drink my beer. They would not provide an area where i could have a cigarette in these humungus stadiums. That was my first boycott, never went back.
    B – Now when 1 player is making 45 million a year, how does that effect you. Does that effect how much you pay for items ?
    Is this why you pay 100 to 300 dollars for a pair of Nike shoes that cost 2 dollars to make ? There are so many more examples.
    Take the money and run.
    Trump should sign an executive order for anyone who kneels for our National Anthem should have, “I’m a Fucki’n Pussy” Tattooed on their Foreheads. An idea taken from the movie “Inglorious Bastards” . Sorry for the language, the only way I knew to get the point across .

    6 – As for Adelle with the paint . If you get a chance, watch the Twilight Zone episode called the “little people” .

    7 – On the lighter side.
    A – One more with the Moon. Why is it that when the Moon is at the last quarter you can still see the whole silhouette of the Moon ? Now the Moon is 1/6 the size of Earth, Should this be possible?

    B – What would happen if you put water in a centrifuge and spun it at 1,000 miles per hour ? More on this next week.

    C – Not sure if this one is lighter or should be heavier .
    Change standard tuning to 432 megahertz . Lets get back into harmony.



  • ***Might be Considered Controversial***

    Dearest B,
    Amen Sister Amen! Written in the most loving spirit. We have a very similar genealogical makeup.

    I agree with almost everything you presented, so much so that I had even written 2 FB posts regarding lives and how all groups/classes of people have prejudice, bigots and racists.

    On the California front with school supplies for illegals, I learned that the California Constitution includes the right for free public education. Which means no parent is required to purchase books, pencils, scissors, crayons, paper, glue nor erasers – the basics. There is a lot of corruption in my county of San Bernardino and Schools with much at the administration levels. Thus the teachers do not receive the supplies needed for students, and in many cases the pay either. Which reminds me, there might be some research I need to do on the text book racket too.
    I’d also like to point out for those outside the state that California offers a state public employees retirement program which is currently – I believe broke. I understand from reading several articles that a few of the past Governors were selling personal information to China to attempt to fund that program known as PERS.
    Currently if you are retired under the PERS program you can not receive your medical portion if you live out of state, thus kind of forcing individuals from moving as they had planned.
    Just felt more people ought to be aware of the injustice here, as I am sure there are injustices elsewhere.

    I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when it was announced years ago about going to war in Afghanistan, in fact my very words were, “The Russians fought them for 8 years with no results, what makes our leaders think they have a chance?”.

    I want our military home. Heck, I want out of the U.N. too or to shine a light on the corruption within the U.N.

    You are spot on in so many ways in both your channeled work and in the Irrational Rationals.

    I am a proud patriot.

    May spirit continue to protect and bless you!


    P.S. You may want to back up any of your IR Videos on Minds, Bitchute or Dlive.


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