June 2019 Love Readings 

 June 3, 2019

By  B

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      • Thankyou for doing what you do. Your readings have been keeping me out of my head. Finished up trial for my oldest and waiting a month for judgement but it’s so cool how on point you are! Thankyou for doing what you do I know your a busy hardworking lady.Just wanted you to know how appreciated you are!


        • Thank you Amanda, I truly do appreciate your support! I wish you the best with all of your endeavors. Thank you and blessings ~B


    • Hi Amanda, I am so sorry. It appears air was never loaded. I had an issue with the libra reading that had to be separate from the air, and it is clear (gemini and aquarius) were missed. they are done just didnt get uploaded. Darn it. Thank you for making me aware! ~B


    • Hi Raheem, I did but it was accidentally deleted. I feel horrible. I will be far more careful in the future. By the time my social consultant realized it was not there, it was too late.


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