Live opening of Congress response letters 

 July 25, 2020

By  B

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  • I believe the first letter was written from heart, maybe part of it was pre-prepared. But I felt the first letter was written with a personal touch added.
    The second was just (Bullshit)
    Pardon my swearing. The second had no real heart, and he didnt take the time, to really share his concerns. He redurected you in circles to media, because hes following like a robot, and really isnt taking a stand. I would be surprised if the second letter is been pulled into kneeling and bowing and really doesnt stand with Trump. Maybe hes qearing a masks and pretending to be American but he’s fallen into going with the crowd to ensure votes.
    We spend too much time politicing into a second year. When 6 years in 1 term would stop.all this. If presidents had one year and not two. The power grab would change. We need to change how long polititions are in office. I term per person including presidential.
    That would change how we see voting too.
    Politics needs an overhaul.


  • both letters are generic responses. the first however seems more involved in his job then the latter. With the plan of the democrats to seize control of the county trough state governorship rather then putting forward a serious presidential candidate they instead push a puppet presidential canidate with a capable behind the scenes cabinet of bad actors of whom J.B is just the public face. using covid19 as cover for a lack of debates and rally’s and talk of a fraudulent “vote by mail” scheme. grassroots support for the patriotic local state representative and removing from office those who are just filling chairs for special interest groups has never been more critical.



  • I agree with both previous comments, generated yet one sounds and feels more empathic. Much better than I have received from my state representatives when questioning parts of the ACA. My responses at that time in a nutshell was: “I know what’s best for you. We know what we are doing.” Have I mentioned I live in California – Deaf ears and blind eyes is my experience here.

    Thank you B


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