Lunar Eclipse in Cancer ~ January 10th 2020 

 January 6, 2020

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Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer at 20 degrees

January 10th 2020 at 1:21 pm CST


Those with life path number of 2 or 7 will be greatly impacted regarding the final closing of a cycle that is long overdue.  This could be related to home or status and career specifically.

If you have any benefic planet or star in any of the cardinal signs or earth signs you will embark on a new beginning after an old cycle is completed.  This will be welcomed.

In order to determine positive closures, completions, fruitions or compete endings determine where 17 to 23 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer is in your natal chart.  I am using a tighter orb than + or – 5 degrees because we are dealing with the sun and the moon here.  They transition a bit faster so I am closing the orb to a + or – 3 degrees

If you have benefic planets between 17 – 23 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, you should be blessed and quite handedly, regarding whatever this new beginning is after this old worn out way of existing.  If you do not have any benefic natal planets or any planets or stars here, I would prepare for a bit of a revolution around you.  There is an uprising among us, so it is best we are prepared for this.

A full moon eclipse portends a profound ending in order for a new beginning to commence. A lunar eclipse is a super-charged full moon, eclipses tend to correspond to major realizations or events that define one’s fate or the path that needs to be taken to get there.  Full moon eclipse energy tends to last much longer and have more of a transformative effect than a full moon that is not eclipsed.  In this case, it is a major ending which brings in a major new beginning.  Think getting engaged, getting divorced, leaving a job to start your own business or a new job.  Things like that.

So what energy are we dealing with?  Well, remember what I said about the revolution energy?  It’s here.   This is what we have been preparing for.  The best way to prepare for this is to be on the side of truth.

If you remember back in July we had the Sun in Cancer when these eclipses were initiated.  A sun in Cancer opposing a moon in Capricorn will make the moon compromised…even though the Moon is Cancer’s ruler.  Here, the focus was on family or family units.  Where people or groups would gather together to support and defend one another.  However, there was a problem here.  There had to be a respect for tradition.  Cancer rules tradition especially in the U.S.  So, with that being said, is anyone surprised to be seeing a significant and irrational dismantling of the truth, rules, order and the patriarchy?

The patriarchy was far from perfect.  The focus of Cancer axis housing the Sun at the eclipse season, was the matriarchy.  It was to re-empower the feminine.  As in any chaos theory the universe eventually must restore balance, when and if an extreme was expressed.  I don’t think I need to remind anyone what happened since the eclipse season happened.  Did some people take it too far?  You bet they did.  Way too far.  We had 6 months to get it right, but some people were simply drunk with power, but unfortunately had no skills or experience to back it up.  This is the effect of the moon in Capricorn at the time.  The moon in Capricorn emasculated men and eclipsed them and all of their masculinity.  Many would argue this was taking place for far more than 6 months and I would agree.

On top of this, Pluto traveling thorough Capricorn also dismantled the patriarchy or the old guard.  Many men were being abused by women, ordered to do their bidding, would cow- tow to women or consider themselves unworthy to be a man.  Just part of life…..

However, universe hates a void.  Wherever men were emasculated a new man took its place.  This may offend some of you, but this is what you need to know.  Men by their nature, physical strength and war-like tendencies when needed are testosterone driven – sex, money, food, sleep, power and progeny.  There you go!  Done!  When this energy is released from the male willingly or through covert or propaganda conditioning, the men actually become quite feminine.  In this case there is an imbalance.  So the universe does whatever it can to re-balance the void.  Since the ratio had such a large delta it brought in men that had super testosterone.  A flood of men from the southern border to include Latin lovers and MS-13 entered the picture.  You surprised?  Hello McFly? Anything not making sense according to the law of attraction.  Yeah thought so.  This did not just happen in the US, it happened everywhere.  As more and more men stepped away from their duties other more dangerous or testosterone driven men took their place.  Period.

So now, we have extremes on BOTH sides.  Universe in turn must re-balance the structure.  Overly-masculated men wanting excess power or sex must be more measured or handled/dealt with either through legal means or karma.  Men that were emasculated realize they have been emasculated and are waking up to their duty as men.  I hate to say this, but a large number of men who sex changed to women or vice versa will likely now feel great regret.  Not all, but some.  Why is this?  Enter full moon eclipse in Cancer.

The moon is in exaltation in its home sign of Cancer.  Everything traditional regarding home, family, motherhood, holidays even ancestry is housed here.  The moon is being told to “take a hike” by the massive stellium including the Sun opposing it in Capricorn.  Enter the “new masculine.”  The new masculine had to be made humble by the solar eclipses in cancer because they were too dominant and got sloppy.  They were taken down quite a few pegs.  Women called them out for their lies and their B.S….. but what grew from it was a masculine that is more powerful and more adept.  Why you ask?  They learned emotional intelligence.  They were made to feel like what it felt like to be a dis-empowered women so they would NEVER forget it.  Enter the NEW PATRIARCHY.

Anyone looking for prince charming?  Well, they are being built right now.  Many have completed their training.  I hope he finds you if you are looking for him.  I hope you are ready for him as well.  Because what you need to know is that just as you won’t take any crap from him, honey expect the same in return.  These are good, noble men that will take care of their families and friends.  They will lead a life of commitment and loyalty.  They are growing one-by-one every day.  This is the re-balance taking place.  Within chaos there is always order.

This full moon lunar eclipse is all about partnerships, built on strong foundations especially business partnerships but for some romantic partnerships.  Expect to see a lot more “MAN” commercials or a reduction of uber-feminine/super feminine commercials.  Each masculine and feminine will take their place once again.  Many people will sicken of seeing the powerful female hero.  They will not do well in the box office.  Male hero shows will slowly start appearing again over the next 6 months or so.  So something to be aware of.  Alternatively, you will see hero/heroine movies do extremely well.  As the re-balance is refreshing and supported.

This eclipse also portends another revolution.  The re-building of rules and of structure.  Behind the scenes at first.  So, basically none of us will really see it, but we will feel it.  Soon after, you will hear about it and then you will see it.  This is where many of the things people have been trying to keep hidden will be revealed.  Some will not care that their secret is revealed and others will.  With a Cancer moon opposition to Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn there will be unrest.  Great unrest.  Especially in foreign places….remember Mars entered Sagittarius on Jan 3rd 2020.  People will start to feel oppressed.  Thing is they are going to start feeling oppressed because of the demands they made in the past.  Know what shooting one’s self in the foot means?

Ultimately, certain people will twist the truth to sell it through propaganda… to make more sheep out of all of everyone.  Thing is it won’t work this time.  Everyone is waking up… 10 here, 1000 there and so on.  Sheep follow….an awakened group leads with respect, dignity and accountability.   This is the energy that Capricorns embody.  This is the good side of Capricorn not the dark side.  What happens when sheep stop following?  People lose power.  People must turn away from being suckered with lies and turn towards their own leaderful capabilities.  Keep the sheep as a pet, don’t turn into one.

The Sun in Capricorn is sextiling Neptune in Pisces at 16 degrees.  This is a beautiful and supportive placement regarding compassion and healing.  If a Capricorn and a Pisces are dating at this time, it would likely be as though all of this chaos is not even affecting them.  They are in their own bubble of happiness with each other.

So let’s take a look to see what type of revolution is occurring in your house placement.  Get your natal chart and find out what house contains 17-23 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer.  If it straddles 2 – 4 houses each of these houses will likely be affected.



If 17-23 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer is in your:

1st house – An Aries person or your identity is going to undergo a revolution or be affected by a massive ending or a change

2nd house – A Taurus person or your self -value, money you make, possessions are going to undergo a revolution or be affected by a massive ending or a change

3rd house – A Gemini person or social media, contracts, negotiations, siblings, short-distance travels or communications will undergo a revolution or a massive ending or a change

4th house- A Cancer person or family, ancestry, home, who you are a core level will undergo a revolution or a massive ending or change

5th house – A Leo person or romance, children, creativity, risk taking or pets will undergo a revolution or a massive ending or change.

6th house – A Virgo person or reputation, daily duties, health or pets will undergo a revolution or massive ending or change.

7th house – A Libra person or business partnership, romantic partnership or justice will undergo a revolution or a massive ending or change.

8th house – A Scorpio person or passion, jealousy, deep seeded issues, death and re-birth, intimacy or joint finances will undergo a revolution or a massive ending or change

9th house- A Sagittarius person or foreign people, foreign lands, higher education, legal, law, the occult, spirituality, optimism, people politics will undergo a revolution or a massive ending or change.

10th house- A Capricorn person or status and career will undergo a revolution or massive endings or a change

11th house- An Aquarius person or hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks and associations will undergo a revolution or massive endings or a change.

12th house- A Pisces person or subconscious, unconscious, psychic abilities, healing, hospitals, research, sacrifice, unconditional love will undergo a revolution or a massive ending.




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