March 2020 

 February 29, 2020

By  B

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  • Just to clarify for myself… I am a Pisces, my bday is March 10, but my ascendant sign is Capricorn. So I’ve always really paid attention to the readings for Pisces but as of this last month or so, listened more closely to you explaining that the readings are for “rising” signs also…. this Capricorn reading also resonates with me like to a T… and it has for a long, long while. My ex was a Capi so I always listened on his behalf (he’s the one who left, abandoned myself and my daughter) and it’s ME who is saying no more, never again will I ever go through this… because he is thinking he’s gonna come back here and just pop into our lives again. Um, no. But my question for you really is, even though I am a Pisces, my ascendant sign is Capricorn, so am I supposed to be listening to both for myself? Or more just focus on the Pisces? Because now that I feel my Capi ex is out of my life, I don’t have much reason to listen to these, except they are still so accurate for me that it seems to be for ME!! Not him!! Lol. Hope my question makes sense.


    • Hi Kristie,

      thank you for taking the time to ask the question.
      In this case, I would listen to both.
      It will give a more holistic energy presence around you.
      I hope this helps.
      Take care and blessings


    • Hi Loretta!

      Thank you so much!
      I appreciate your continued support and the wonderful comments you leave.
      Take care…blessings


  • Hello B,
    I am getting your clues and I thank you. You’re very creative! The board game “Clue” is my favorite childhood game. I didn’t like some of those other childhood games. As time passes and I go back and listen again I pick up more. Your guidance is so helpful in times like these. More strength, light, and abundance for B please Spirit.


    • Sheri,

      thank you so much for your support!
      I truly appreciate it!
      Blessings to you and yours.
      I loved “Clue” too by the way…..one of my favorites!


  • Good Day B!
    Prayers for protection for you and family have been communicated. I literally wanted to buy a lamb chop from the meat market and found none. I would appreciate prayers of guidance and protection for my daughter from any reader. She has strong astrology in these times. 7/20/1990 2052 MSP coordinates. I can not believe the drama’s here on earth. May the blood of the lamb be over you and victorious. We have important work to do. I am so appreciative of your gifts B and your service to humanity. Namaste. Sheri


    • Good Day Sheri!

      Thank you, and may the blood of the lamb and divine protect you and those you love.
      We will get through this, remember the dates – starts on March 28th (hints you will see whispers of it) then between April 1-4 that which was waiting for the right time to be revealed will be revealed.



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