Massive Healing Awaits ~ Mars Conjuncts Chiron (Rx Station Going Direct) in Pisces December 27th 2018

Dec 04

This document was slightly modified as I was questioned by a viewer regarding the rarity of this occurrence.  I have specifically indicated here, the reason for the rarity was because the Chiron is Retro-Station-Direct in Pisces conjuncting Mars.  This will not happen again in our lifetime that I can see.  This makes the energy very intense and very personal.  Mars does conjunct Chiron more than once in a lifetime.  But not like this in Pisces.  This particular aspect will likely cause huge internal “aha” moments.  I did not mention the “reason” why I saw these aspects as so intense in the video.  They were part of my original notes, but alas, I missed mentioning them during the video.  Thank you kindly. ~B  (12-05-2018)

Overview:  Energy Surrounding the Mars  Chiron (Rx Station)  Conjunction December 27th 2018

When Mars conjuncts Chiron (Rx station direct) in Pisces a massive “dissolving” on some level will commence.  This is arguably a once in lifetime event as Chiron returns direct only 3 days prior.  This makes the energy very strong as Chiron is sitting still and listening.   This has everything to do with healing and identifying wounds.  Many people will be dissolving or recognizing wounds relative to: jealousy, joint finances, money/greed, romance, hidden agendas, unconscious and subconscious triggers, possessions, passions, deep-seeded issues, research, healing, hospitals, Pisces, Aries or Scorpio people ESPECIALLY, psychic abilities, Illusion, unconditional love and what is unconditional love… exactly?  Also, on a mundane level careful regarding burns and cuts as this aspect could cause an actual injury. Regardless of what happens do not: Be passive aggressive, get neurotic OR have your head in the clouds.  This is a once in a lifetime event with Chiron at late degrees in Pisces and Retro-Station-Direct conjunct Mars direct….. use it wisely.

The table below provides you with which houses in your natal chart are most likely to be affected.

Sun Sign, Rising Sign or Moon Sign Sun Venus Saturn Mars Mercury Pluto Chiron Uranus Neptune Jupiter
Capricorn 12 to 1 11 1 3 12 1 3 4 3 12
Aquarius 11 to 12 10 12 2 11 12 2 3 2 11
Pisces 10 to 11 9 11 1 10 11 1 2 1 10
Aries 9 to 10 8 10 12 9 10 12 1 12 9
Taurus 8 to 9 7 9 11 8 9 11 12 11 8
Gemini 7 to 8 6 8 10 7 8 10 11 10 7
Cancer 6 to 7 5 7 9 6 7 9 10 9 6
Leo 5 to 6 4 6 8 5 6 8 9 8 5
Virgo 4 to 5 3 5 7 4 5 7 8 7 4
Libra 3 to 4 2 4 6 3 4 6 7 6 3
Scorpio 2 to 3 1 3 5 2 3 5 6 5 2
Sagittarius 1 to 2 12 2 4 1 2 4 5 4 1

  Pre-Chiron Trigger:  Build-Up and Awareness

Venus sextile Saturn  – Exact: December 14th 2018

Restrictions with love or money because of jealousy, control, sex or status Narcissistic energy uncovered or verified within a social group, work, family or lover/spouce  

Mars sextile Pluto – Exact December 17th 2018

Intuition is triggered and leads to a significant discovery.  Over aggression and hostility creating a massive transformation relative to romance, status, hidden agendas, clandestine affairs, baggage, money, control, restriction.     

Chiron Lesson/Wound/Baggage Revealed:  Inevitability a Wound Ripped Open or Significant Healing Commences

Sun trine Uranus  – Exact: December 20th 2018

Unexpected communication regarding needing to be a leader in a relationship (whether business, family, friends or love) that allows freedom of choice.  Letting someone go or a group go.   

Venus trine Neptune and Mercury conjunction Jupiter  – Exact: December 21st 2018

Huge communication regarding being unrealistic in love.  Using sex as a control tactic is uncovered.  Threats of restraining orders, stalking, and revenge are very high.  Past lover or friend comes back begging for forgiveness but they are denied because someone knows the truth now.  Massive healing commences for some because they know they must move toward their future instead of being stuck on their past.  Someone makes a final decision regarding a friend, family member or lover and will no longer give them 2nd, 3rd or even 4th chances. Medical Discoveries regarding throat care, foot care, conditions triggered by nervous system or eye sight may happen at this time.  Or a rise in these health related-issues will be experienced.  Detoxing the body system will be felt strongly on this day.  

Mars conjunction Chiron (Stationed moving Direct)  – Exact: December 27th 2018

Massive healing or massive pain is felt on this day.  The past comes back to haunt or to heal.  The baggage, the wound or the healing relates to hidden agendas, health, unconscious and subconscious triggers, psychic abilities, sex, jealousy, passion, revenge, leadership, pioneering, being too trusting or not having solid boundaries, strong-headedness, romance, clandestine affairs, past/past life karma, neurosis or passive aggressive behavior  

Sun conjunction Saturn  – Exact: January 1, 2019

Restriction of love, independence, joy relative to leadership, status, money, career.  Due to drama losses are felt or someone is set free.  Drama or Diva-like behavior is ostracized. Suicidal energy prevalent on or around this day.  A loved one may be thrown in jail or imprisoned in some way.  New medical discoveries regarding bones or bone health may be released on this day.  Or a rise in health related issues to these areas may be experienced.

Chiron Outcome:  The Lesson Learned Is Sinking In

Mercury square Mars  – Exact: January 8th 2019

Expansive communication regarding people politica, revenge, jealousy, rage, war-like tendencies, foreign people or lands, romance, hidden agendas, health, well-being, social media, texts and other communicated information is finally verified.  Whomever the party is that is “upset” because they got caught does not have a leg to stand on.  They thought they got away with something but they did not as evidence exists to the contrary.  Someone did not follow their intuition and allowed others to influence their decision-making.  They will try and go back to recover or un-do the deed but it may be too late.  This could result in great loss or embarrassment.  This will cause aggressive communication, disagreement, arguments, hostility.  If any of you are faced with this energy please stay calm and controlled. 

Jupiter square Neptune  – Exact:  January 10th 2019

Someone finally realizes they were fooled regarding a romance, a health treatment, foreign dealings, visions, goals, anything having to do with water or water rights.  A massive illusion is uncovered or realized (someone finally puts 2 and 2 together) after taking a step back.  Justice is served or justice is challenged.

Venus trine Mars and Saturn sextile Neptune  – Exact: January 15th 2019

The final healing or wound phase begins post-Chiron exact conjunction with Mars.  People will “officially” leave addictions, people, groups, work-mates, networks, false friends, false lovers, bad relationships and dysfunction behind.  New friends, new networks and a new life is embraced with open arms.  Those left behind due to deception or trickery will experience a wound/baggage, those who did not will experience a healing.  Boundaries are reinstated, relationships are looked at realistically and hearts open to those who give and receive love with discernment.

Good Luck Everyone, Your Fellow Spiritual Practitioner ~ Dr. B

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