May and June 2019 

 April 29, 2019

By  B

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  • Thiis lady my sons nurse my youngest. Went to trial to fight for my oldest son. I have this foster mom not giving me my son. She can’t beleive what the state is doing to my family. She testified for me so grateful she knows this lady also. Trial is over and now the judge is waiting a month to tell us the judgement. I’ve been clean and sober for three years now. Steve is my landlord he is turning my house into a sober house so we have to move. But the landlord is closing ina nice property and we have been invited to move there. But hasn’t happened yet.!i hope my son comes home this lady has had the state take my daughter for no reason she banked on me relapsing but I won’t even do that. My youngest thankgod hasn’t been effected by this. But my ex and his family are trying to destroy my relationship with my kid. So I told them once this is over it’s over they asked me to allow all of them to see him absolutely not I am All done being treated like garbage. I’m tired of being used and manipulated I am absolutely mentally exhausted. Going through a lot of health issues this month also


  • So I found this reading on youtube in early May. I am a novice with this sort of thing. The “Inquiry” card and your various interpretations hit home because I was preparing to appear in a very intimidating interview regarding an insurance investigation. The interview is called the “Examination under oath” and they pretty much rake you over the coals. Also, “the man behind the curtain” comment you made interpreting another card – you said “the wizard of oz” and someone named “Dorothy” might be of significance to some Gems. That examination under oath I had to do (my cousin Jason also had to) was because we are co-executors and co-heirs of my aunt’s estate. Her name was Dorothy.

    You floored me!


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