New Moon in Cancer – June 21st 2020 at 0 degrees @ 0141 am CST 

 June 19, 2020

By  B

New Moon “Ring of fire” Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 21st 2020

This new moon solar eclipse is a hum dinger ladies and gentlemen, let’s get right into it.  The sun is literally at the beginning of its ingress into Cancer.  If you are first decan Cancer or a third decan Gemini get ready!  This energy blends all of the comforts of home and patriotism.  Why?  The United States was born on the 4th of July.  The United States was born under the sign of Cancer and is having its solar return.  Pluto and Jupiter are in a friendly sextile with Mars in Pisces at the eclipse, but Mars is feeling the passion from Aries.  Mars is looking for a fight or to the alternative order may be peaceably restored.  I believe we will see both types of energies for the next 3-6 months.

On June 21st Mars is only about 4 degrees away from Aries.  On June 28th 2020 Mars enters Aries with the Sun in Cancer and the moon will be in Libra – the sign of fairness and justice.  Will justice and order be restored?  It appears so.  It is interesting why as well.  You know when you give your kids or someone else’s kids a bunch of sugar and they have been jumping on the trampoline or running around getting into mischief all day?  They crash pretty hard by the time the day is done.  They are full of mud, and sweat and scratches and bruises.  All they want is to fall asleep on the couch.  Depending how unruly the kids were, some may be punished for breaking something in the home.  A mirror, a glass, a figurine even coloring on the walls if that is what they did.  So punishment or “being grounded” commences.  Cancer is the mother energy.  It is not harsh unless it has to be.  Mothers can be quite intimidating when they want to be.

So why is this energy so special?  Well, Cancer is engulfing Venus creating a ring of fire.  Several things could happen here, but one is “we have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up”  that type of thing.  I am also hearing “step aside” …..Johnny Cash sang about the burning ring of fire.  “I fell in to a burning ring of fire”  LaLaLa…..  So here, a Cancer energy is wiping out a retrograde Venus in Gemini energy.  So a Cancer person or energy is eliminating or silencing a Libra or Taurus energy or person.  Anything to do with fairness, justice, judges, the department of justice, land, possessions, money, stubbornness is front and center.  It appears that the Cancerian energy deals the final blow.  Something will be eclipsed out as if it never happened.  This may have something to do with Pisces characteristics as well with Mars still there.  So illnesses, medication, research, hospitals, healing, psychic abilities, unconscious, subconscious, sacrifice or unconditional love may have something to do with this energy.  Cancers your moon is surrounded by a ring of fire.  It looks to me as though Cancers and Cancerian energy is protected as if by a force field.  However, for some Cancer’s you may be eclipsed out for a while or feel as though something is closing in around you.  A Libra, Gemini, Leo or Taurus may have something to do with this

The other energy is about creature comforts.  Remember the unruly kids I was talking about?  When they get in trouble with dad they want their mommy.  Not all but many kids can act this way.  What happens when they get in trouble with Dad (Pluto and Jupiter in Cap) and go to mom (Moon and Sun in Cancer) who is eclipsed.  Well this is mommy saying, “I can’t help you, your father will set your punishment.  I am actually a bit disappointed in you.”  So what we have here is that someone or a group of people are so uncomfortable, they are reminiscing about wanting to go back to the creature comforts.  I am hearing the words, “I can’t do this anymore” Is it “Game Over?”  Also, since Venus retrograde is involved, someone may be vowing never to go back to an old flame or an ex.  In other ways and ex is trying to come back and they may be overly emotional.   There will be moodiness associated with this total solar eclipse so get ready.   If someone starts behaving like an infantile yelling and screaming it will not go over well.

If you have a life path number of 6 or 11 you could be greatly affected by this energy.  Mothers may mobilize or be put on the spot.  There is definite twin flame energy here and things could get a bit spicy.  I know this is an eclipse, but if you do not want to get pregnant take appropriate precautions.  Pisces especially with Mars in the last decan.  So 3rd decan Pisces you will likely have quite the libido and a sizzling attraction with other people that cannot be explained.  Also, I hate to sound to off putting here but someone may have horrible diarrhea or stomach issues.  Take care of your digestive system and perhaps do a cleanse around this time if your medical provider sees no issues with that.

Good and Not-so-Good Aspects of Cancer Characteristics


  1. Loving, Tenderhearted and Charming
  2. Strong and Stable Emotions
  3. Family Orientated and Protective of Them
  4. Love holidays and family gatherings
  5. Intuitive
  6. Desires a loving and faithful relationship

Not-so-good characteristics

  1. Moody
  2. Pessimistic
  3. Unpredictable
  4. Clingy
  5. Suspicious
  6. Resentful and vengeful when needed
  7. Passive Aggressive
  8. Pack rats – gatherers of stuff
  9. Rarely approach directly, they approach through the side or through other people

So these are the energies of Cancer!  This is what we will be feeling, especially internally for the next 3-6 months.   Stay with the good aspects and steer clear of the others where you can!

So what aspects do we have?

Well on June 18th Mercury retrogrades in Cancer.  This is 3 days before the eclipse.  Cancers something from the past is being eclipsed out of your life, but you are actually forced to look at it.  It may be a good thing or a bad thing.  For those who would like to visit my website to get your natal chart calculated, find out where 25 degrees of Gemini to 5 Degrees of Cancer is in your chart.  This is the house that will have something eclipsed out of it or a spot light will be put on it.

Four days after the eclipse, Venus turns direct in Gemini.  If you have any planets or heavenly bodies here expect something that was eclipsed in your Cancer house by your own will or universe’s to bring great rewards here.  I mean great!  Any range of 0 to 10 degrees of Gemini will be affected.  But all Gemini’s will be sizzling hot and sexy.  A vicious and dangerous combo for any competitor.

Mars in Pisces is also sextiling a conjuncted Jupiter and Pluto retrograde at 25 – 26 degrees respectively.  Partnerships and self-empowerment are going to go through a transformational and expansion phase.  Aries, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius and Capricorns will cause or be affected by this.   For some again, the best sex ever or for others remodeling the home, re-assessing your diet/health or your budget here.  Pisces and Scorpios may have a revisit with one another for any reason.  Both Pisces and Scorpios should channel this energy into passion and creativity, not war.

Another great reveal is coming out with a Sun and Moon conjunction here.  Again a “spot light” will be present in whatever way that makes sense to you.  With the Sun in Cancer conjuncting the North Node in Gemini.  The direction is to address something with a Cancer in order to finalize a deal, or verbalize something clearly and directly relating to a Cancer person, home, family, ancestry, history, holidays, reunions…. especially family, the home, a home move and/or a “home on the go.”

How will this affect you?

If you are a sun, moon or rising in these signs you will be affected in the following houses. Take your house area then add all the elements above into that house.  It is likely this is where you will feel the change.  Sometimes I will get specific downloads for some signs but not others during the you tube recording.

Capricorn – Your 7th house of partnerships and fairness.  You must put effort into “the other” in your life.  A lot of effort in relationships or a Libra person may be of significance for you as well.

Aquarius – Your 6th house of health and well- being, the details, every day duties, pets or Virgo people

Pisces – Your 5th house of romance, children and creativity or pets even a Leo person could be affecting you

Aries – Your 4th house of home, family, ancestry, holidays, family reunions or the home on the go and/or Cancer people

Taurus- Your 3rd house of social media, disclosures, contract, negotiations, neighborhoods, communications of all kinds and short distance travels or Gemini people

Gemini – Your 2nd house of possessions, home, real estate, stubbornness, money you make from the company you own or work for or Taurus people

Cancer – Your 1st house of identity and the physical vessel or Aries people

Leo – Your 12th house of the past, the hidden, romance, unconscious, subconscious, psychic abilities, healing, hospitals, sacrifice, research and/or Pisces people.

Virgo – your 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks, and associations and/or Aquarius people

Libra – your 10th house of status and career and/or Capricorn people

Scorpio – Your 9th house of traveling, higher education, foreign people and lands, legal and law and/or Sagittarius people

Sagittarius – Your 8th house of revenge, jealousy, obsession, sex, death and re-birth, private investigations, joint finances and intimacy and/or Scorpio people.


  • I can already feel cancer energy. Mine is at 21′ in my 2 second house. But Im very grounded in Tuarus and Sag. And capricorn. Im helping others like my daughter see the light. Im holding space. And im healing from my past traumas.


  • The Liberty Revolution
    She wants Trump to resign. I do believe instead of capitolism many of the liberal sides want whites to become enslaved. It wouldnt surprise me. Then we really gave sold out to England and putting color in a kings throne to bow on. Money is greed and ego wants money and power.


    • It is worse than that my dear.
      They want the “deplorables” eradicated and then they want black Americans enslaved once more.
      There is only one race for them and that is white KKK – period….but they need their slaves. They have NOT changed.
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      Tearing down the statues is the first step to winning the argument as well as red conning history in the schools.
      Some (not all) black Americans will say “Where is our day in the sun? Where are the reparations you promised? We did our part.”
      The KKK anarchist response ” What are you talking about where is the proof that you were ever enslaved?”
      That is right, the very people who were fighting for their rights, some, definitely not all, literally wiped out any evidence of abolitionist movements or indications of slavery.

      The bowing to our fellow Americans is a ruse.
      It is a siren song for some but not all.
      Bowing weakens all races, but especially the “woke” white Americans who have been brainwashed.

      To note, Many black Americans do not want to have anything to do with this.
      In fact, many are not comfortable with this at all.
      I will have more video soon.


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