New Moon in Gemini ~ May 22nd 2020 ~ Text Version 

 May 20, 2020

By  B

May 22nd 2020 ~ New Moon in Gemini at 2 degrees at 12:38 pm

The new moon in Gemini will hold the energies of a trine with Saturn in Aquarius, but a square between Neptune and Mercury.  Since this is a new moon the energies of structure meet contracts and communication.  When you put supportive energy between a Capricorn and a Gemini it can be rather invigorating.  The Gemini supplies the instructions, handles the running around town and communications while Capricorn builds a strong and lasting structure.  I remember helping my dad fix things around the house.  I, a Gemini rising and my dad a Capricorn.  My mother called me my father’s little helper.  I was a quick sprightly little thing and I would find tools and run errands for my dad so he could stay in one spot and focus on the job at hand.  We were and still are a force to be reckoned with.  I love asking questions and he enjoyed teaching me.  We would go from one project to another.  As long as I was learning something and being of help I would stay by his side.  This is the energy of this new moon.  There are hard-working Gemini’s out there that will be recognized and rewarded.  But what about the Aquarius?

The Aquarius energy will be felt, albeit slightly.  Saturn is going back over the energy he hauled out of Capricorn.  Functional Aquarius and Capricorns will feel a surge of something.  It is almost like a rush.  For some however, it will be exhausting.  Several of these signs, including Gemini’s will go back to an old wish or goal and get er’ done.  This may have something to do with a business or a romantic partnership.  What I love about this energy is that there is “love in temporary separation.”  This may mean that what we went through (and are still going through) for some has taught us to leave co-dependence in the past.  People are more resilient, and have learned to be “on their own.”  They have been trained to be interdependent.  Perhaps one good outcome relative to the energy we are now walking through.

So the signs that will persevere or “chosen” to take people forward no matter what are:  Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancers, Gemini’s and Virgos.  If you have a life path number of 2 or 4 you will also need to take advantage of these energies.   These are the people who will show you the truth, the lies or for some both.  Some of these signs will be revealed as pervasive and/or invasive liars.  They are manipulators.  They will show you lies through their contradictory logic (if you can call it that).  You will find some of these people have sold their souls to the devil.  It WILL come out.  Others of these signs will be showing data and or evidence to support their claims as the world wakes up to their own sound judgment and awareness.  From what I can see, some of these signs are for good, and others they are for their own satisfaction and manipulative control.  Those who come through for the greater good will considered the “pioneers of a new aeon” or “truth movement.”

So what are the great, good and not so good aspects of Gemini?


Strategically successful


Does the work of 3 people in the same time it takes one person to the same work

Probability focused

Can be a philanthropist or a benefactor to others in need without enabling them

Does not understand the point in lying (for some, not all)

Adaptable and social

Very outgoing and generally confident

Tend to reverse age just like Capricorns (stay youthful in action or physically longer not all but some)

Excellent translators of energy


They can be impetuous, but generally know what to do while making others a bit uncomfortable

Need to be intellectually stimulated constantly

Thorough thought processors but this can cause over-thinking

Talkative, but it can be too much for some people

Enthusiastic, but it can sometimes be too much for people

Enjoys a good time

Funny but inappropriate sometimes

Says things (that may or may not be true) to win people over to them or to be “one of the guys or girls” but only to extract info or favors.  This can be very good for sales.

Not so Good

Can play the victim

Gossip, Lies and manipulates

Parties way too much

Not smart?  Can’t hold a conversation?  Ok then! See ya!

Overly nervous or anxious


Will be vengeful or revengeful if anyone does something to them or to someone they love that is mean or malicious.

If you catch them in a lie and you embarrass them in public, you are public enemy number 1.  You are an even greater enemy if they are right or doing the right thing/kindness and you attack them.


Ok!  Now that we know Geminis, let’s get into the new moon!

This new moon is happening at 2 degrees and Gemini rules the 3rd house.

You will see aspects of business, family, friendship or romantic partnerships being affected by or due to siblings, social media, short distance travels, negotiations, contracts, the neighborhood or a specific Gemini person.  With the square between Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces at 20 degrees as well, we will be seeing massive truths come to light and these will be communicated.  There may also be a re-visit to any subject that took place right between April 1st and April 7th.   Pay special attention here.  As something that was said that was confusing, or that was lied about will have that record set straight.  Mercury was at 20 degrees of Pisces right over Neptune at that time and Mercury is delivering “wise sage” and “truthseeker” awareness that will be like getting woken up by a fire alarm.  It will be jarring and for many whatever truth or lie is revealed, will absolutely throw you for six.   Six may be of significance right around this new moon.  Let’s keep this on the day… May 22nd 2020 – the devil reveals himself.  If something related to “6” appears around this new moon, lies or truth associated with this will be exposed and will cause great consternation.  What ensues is a massive re-evaluation of what you do or do not believe in.  Cognitive dissonance may be present in many.

Whatever you do on this day….. don’t lie.  You can withhold information but DO NOT LIE.  You will be tempted because either your reputation or your success will depend on it.  Someone has created a story based on lies that are now catching up to them.  The puzzle pieced are falling into place.  What you were told was the image on the puzzle is NOT the image that is manifesting.  Think an “apple” versus a “giraffe” two completely different things.  WHO HAS BEEN LYING?  YOU WILL FIND OUT AND THEY WILL BE EXPOSED AND HUMILIATED.  SOME WILL FLEE AND NEVER LOOK BACK BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE CALLED OUT AND SOME MAY ACTUALLY TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES.  DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, JUST DELIVERING THE MESSAGE.

Some people have told me, “I am waiting for the truth.  You have been talking about the truth being exposed, so where is it?”  Well, ask yourself this, are you looking for the truth or are you waiting for information to support your mindset?  You see truth doesn’t care what you think.  Truth does not care what your preferences are….truth is truth.  Sometimes truth hurts and sometimes it sets you free.  It is said that the truth will set you free but before it does it will PISS YOU OFF.  For many, they have been exposed to the truth but were told it was a lie.  For others they were exposed to a lie but were told it was the truth. Did you believe the lie?  Think about that for a minute…………. I’ll wait.

At the new moon, the moon and the sun conjunct.  The moon is ready to receive and the Sun is giving a lot of support behind the moon.  In this case, if it is the REAL TRUTH you are choosing to accept once and for all, no matter who or what it is about then your affirmation for the new moon is simple.

“I request and fully accept that the truth will be exposed for the good of myself and the good of all.”

That is it.  Now if you don’t care about the truth and you don’t mind being lied to and manipulated, you can choose any other Gemini related manifestation for your new moon.  Better and clearer communication, straight A’s in school or success in contracts or negotiations, better relationships with siblings, more or smoother short distance travels and maybe nicer neighbors or more respectful friendships so on and so forth.

However, your house is also affected here.  This is the area where you will be placing your new moon wishes.  New moon wishes on a Gemini moon tend to happen quickly as Gemini’s generally do not mess around….. the Gemini moon has about 100 other things to do so she will get it checked of her list rather quickly.

If you have any planet, Sun, or Rising at 25 degrees of Taurus or 7 degrees of Gemini you manifestation will near be immediate relative to the energies of that planet and the house in which that planet resides for you.  If you have no planets, moon or rising at these degrees, it is recommended you place you r manifestations in the corresponding house.  To include the 3rd house already mentioned.

Capricorn – 6th house – Daily duties, health, reputation, pets

Aquarius- 5th house – Children, romance, creativity, risk taking , pets

Pisces – 4th house – home and family the physical body or domicile

Aries – 3rd house – contracts, negotiations, communications, siblings, neighbors and social media

Taurus – 2nd house – self value, possessions, money you make from company you work for or own

Gemini – 1st house – Identity, physical self

Cancer – 12th house – psychic abilities, sleep state, medications, hospitals, healing, sacrifice, the past, the hidden

Leo – 11th house – hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks and associations

Virgo – 10th house – status and career

Libra – 9th house – foreign people and lands, legal, law, people politics, higher education, the occult

Scorpio – 8th house – joint finances and intimacy, jealousy, obsession, death and re-birth, sex, deep-seeded issues

Sagittarius – 7th house – business and/or romantic partnerships

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