New Moon In Pisces 

 March 17, 2020

By  B

February 23rd 2020 ~ New Moon in Pisces at 1032 am at 4 degrees

This new moon is highly healing and transformational. Pisces people especially will be re-visited or will do the re-visiting. Watch what happens between the 26th and the 28th (which is 3-5 days after the new moon). The new moon will be re-triggered by Mercury. In this case, discussions or social media or announcements will be revisited for whatever reason. Mercury was here going direct at these degrees in Pisces right around February 6th. So this is very important. Something that happened right around February 6th is going to be revisited. It is likely related to clearing up some confusion or restating a position. So here are the dates:

On February 23rd there is a re-visit to a contract, discussion having to do with a Pisces, the past, the hidden, research, hospitals, psychic abilities or some sort of illusion someone was trying to “create” right around the 6th of February. Is this when the illusion is exposed? We will see.
Then on the 26th and the 28th of February, this information will be re-visited AGAIN regarding how this communication or this contract has affected the home life or the family and for some an unexpected birth or unexpected job change (for the good or the bad) however, I feel it is mostly good. There is support and opportunities to fashion a change of sorts that will benefit all involved.

This is a crazy Mercury retrograde right on top of a new moon, get ready for a wild ride. When Pisces energy is distracted it “escapes” or tries to “swim away” when threatened. It can also be highly passive-aggressive or overly emotional. It is likely many Pisces will feel that way too. Not knowing which way to go, which direction to go or general confusion. They will figure it out, but for right now they need to sit back and observe and take care of themselves. This is also true for other signs in whatever house 0-8 degrees of Pisces resides for you. It is SO IMPORTANT to tap into your intuition around this time and get your downloads backed up with facts before making any moves. It is not about self-sacrifice anymore, it is about self-preservation. While this is not a Mercury retrograde in Pisces video, I will give an honorable mention that what happened as far back as the end of January may come up again for a re-visit.

Feb 23rd ~ Venus in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn at 18 degrees
Why is this likely to be a bit on the tense side? Because we have Venus in Aries the planet of love and money squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. Someone is just downright upset that they are not “getting” or “making enough” money. They feel if they do not have a specific title or a specific standing they are going backwards. For others, someone is putting in a lot of work and not getting enough return on investment. The secret to this energy, and I know this is not a full moon, you must let something go (an idea, thought, condition and yes, even the past) in order to move into your future. If you have multiple jobs or obligations it is time to say, “I am sorry I cannot help you.” This may also present itself as an ex that won’t go away. For some they just want to be friends and that is fine. For others, they want to re-hash the past, over and over. It is getting old and it is time to cut the cord. In this case, love of self is going to be in tension with love of money and status. What needs to be sacrificed in order to embark forward on your journey?
Remember, the Saturn – Pluto conjunction is still at large. If you did not make the change of your own volition the planet of destruction and the planet of rules and re-building will take it from you. Saturn is coming back through and asking, “Did you listen? Did you follow the signs I was sending you?” Saturn does not like losing control, and when he does, he does everything in his power to REGAIN IT. You will see these energies play out, even if you have to start all over again. Some people have welcomed this energy and others not so much.

This new moon is all about being your own Emperor. For men as well as women. The Emperor energy is strategizing regarding control of the Empire, YOUR Empire. So where are your releasing something from your past in order for a fresh start in the same house?

If you are a sun, moon or rising in any of these signs especially at 0-8 degrees you will be affected. If you have a natal planet at these degrees their energy will also go through an ending and new beginning in your life in that house.

So let’s say you do not have a sun, moon or rising at 0-8 degrees of any sign. But let’s say your Venus is at 5 degrees in your 12th house in Taurus. In this case, things from the past must be let go to clear the way for the new. Venus rules beauty as well, so a way to look at this is 12th house – old, past, hidden + Taurus possessions, self-value, real estate = Getting rid of old garbage out of the home and updating with a new look or clearing your yard to have landscaping done – you get the picture. What is important is that something old is re-sold, re-cycled or dumped. The energy is causing blocks that need to be removed.

Let’s get into the signs.
If you have any planet, sun, moon or rising at 0-8 degrees of any sign you will be directly affected (quite personally) if you do not have anything at these degrees find out where 0-8 degrees Pisces is in your natal chart. You can go to astro-charts.com to look up your natal chart if you want. This new moon has to do with a re-visit to something that brought up in the past, so respect the energy you are dealing with. Since we have Mercury retro with this energy, the energy will last longer than 14 days. We are looking at about 8 weeks. So if this is not happening for you now…it will be.

Capricorn or the 3rd house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 3rd house of communication, social media, siblings, short-distance travels and contracts or negotiations. Here, you may find that you “block” someone from texting you or un-friend them. This is not like Cappies to do this, but some of you are ready to say “enough is enough.” The reason you are releasing this is because it is interfering in your goals and your sanity. You may also say, “I am not renewing that contract or pursuing that contract anymore.” When you finally just let it go, you will see a flood of positive developments in your 3rd house items.

Aquarius or the 2nd house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 2nd house of self-value, money you make from the business you own or work for. Here something needs to be released because it is causing confusion and blocking you. You may finally sell the house or leave the job. You may also decide to finally “stand up for yourself” as you are nobody’s doormat. You have had enough. You will make clear your value and others may be shocked when you tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. A Taurus person may have something to do with this as well.
Pisces or the 1st house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your first house of identity. Anything regarding your appearance or your personal self is undergoing a massive overhaul. I sense for many Pisces something ends just as quickly as it begins. This could make your head spin Pisces so just be aware of that. The Sun is in YOUR sign and you will be shining. Most importantly however, you are letting people know what you are really made of. You have a “devil may care attitude” here or you are becoming fearless without being impetuous. For some reason, I am sensing Pisces to be the ultimate strategist right around this time. An Aries person may have something to do with this transition as well.

Aries or the 12th house – An ending or a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 12th house of the past, the hidden, psychic abilities, research, hospitals, self-sacrifice and even Pisces people. There could be a complete change of heart regarding something or someone. Also, someone may impressively leave your life, but re-enter in a new way with a new goal. This is very interesting energy. Aries you have a double Pisces hit here so if you are dealing with a Pisces, mind your energy. Pisces can and do give instant karma. Meaning if you are throwing bad energy at a Pisces or trapping them, there is a boomerang affect. They do not even need to know you are doing it, universe will cause the return of energy. Since we do not know everyone’s natal chart, be careful Aries. Keep your energy and your thoughts on the up and up regarding everyone. If you do, some really nice healing is in store for you both physically and spiritually.

Taurus or 11th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, networks and associations. This is where you may change your goals or get rid of something that is zapping your energy. Many Taurus’s are meeting new social groups as the old ones fall away. For some there could be an ending or something that needs to be addressed with an Aquarius. Taurus’s may be networking more now than any other time in their life. Get off the couch Taurus and start sharing that $100 dollar bottle of wine and your good cooking with your new friends. Netflix and chill? Invite the gang over – its time.

Gemini or 10th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 10th house of status and career. Here, it appears that Gemini’s are considering leaving their job for a new one, or at a minimum looking at what their options are. Gems for some of you I am sensing a lot of frustration. You will be surrounded by irrationality, and this will drive you buhzonkkerrs. “What about this don’t you get?” “Are you going to pass up on this opportunity because of some past flub up or are you going to swallow your pride and start rewarding people for their contribution?” this is what some Gemini’s are saying. If you are planning on reconsidering applying for a job that was brought to your attention prior to Mercury retrograde, you may want to go for it.

Cancer or 9th house ~ An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 9th house of travel, foreign people, foreign lands, higher education and the occult. You are being asked to be optimistic regarding any of these items as you embark on this new beginning. It could be a new experience or a goal you have had your eye on for a while as it relates to training or school perhaps getting a certification. Sagittarius people will figure strongly in this as well. Changing college majors or considering learning a foreign language or even retirement is coming up in this energy.

Leo or 8th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in you 8th house of joint finances and intimacy. For some Leos you may be finally cutting the cord with a past person you dated or are considering ending some sort of joint venture in order to start a new one. This is similar to telling your ex, “I have given you 3 months to get your stuff out of my house, get it done or I will sell it or take it to good will.” The reason this is happening Leo is because part of your intimacy is through the protection of others as well as their belongings. There is a new intimacy (new girlfriend or boyfriend maybe?) that will not share intimacy with an old obligation. Let the past go so you can embark on a fair, equitable and intimate relationship. For those of you that have not done so yet, a massive ending in intimacy will commence, but its replacement is oh so juicy. For those of you not dating but in a coupling thoughts of marriage and moving in together may be wandering around your mind. A Scorpio person may be part of this picture as well.

Virgo or 7th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 7th house of partnerships in business and romance. This is similar to Leo energy where you must cut the cord to toxic past people from the past in order to bring in the significant blessings of what awaits you. For some Virgos you may be offered an opportunity to advance or offer an opportunity, but someone wants to stay right where they are at. You may also be trying to find a way around a situation to “maneuver” your environment. I am hearing Virgos say “no” to one situation while saying “yes” to another almost simultaneously. A Libra person may have something to do with this energy as well.

Libra or 6th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 6th house of health and daily duties, also reputation. Something is happening here where your daily duties may change significantly from 1 month ago. You may be returning to a location you lived in the past. You may start a new workout program or take some sort of challenge. However, something you have been doing up to this point will end while you re-assimilate yourself to other duties or obligations. Pets may be a topic of conversation as well. Overall, it does look good. A Virgo person may have something to do with this change in energy as well.

Scorpio or 5th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 5th house of children, romance, creativity, risk taking and pets. For some Scorpios a pet may pass to the other side, or you are finally ready to get another pet after one you spent much time with passed away and you were grieving the loss. Many Scorpio’s will be going through empty nest syndrome as kids are getting ready to graduate and head out the door to college or the military. For some this could be children moving from one phase of life to another. Your son or daughter becomes a wife or husband or dad or mom. This may also be many Scorpio’s finding someone that just clicks with them. However, something does need to be sacrificed for this blessing to take place. Leo’s may have something to do with this energy as well.

Sagittarius or 4th house – An ending and a simultaneous new beginning must happen in your 4th house of home and family. Sagittarius may have gains and losses in the home. Selling furniture and buying new furniture. This is just an example. There is great joy and healing in this however. This may have something also to do with letting something you loved go. It does have something to with the house and family though. It could be selling a family heirloom or parting with a childhood home. Cancer people may have something to do with this energy as well.

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