Pluto Station-Direct (Get Ready to RUMBLE!) — PEAKS JANUARY 23RD 2020

Oct 15

Pluto Station-Direct and Mercury hoofs it into Scorpio

October 3, 2019


Pluto Retro started April 25th 2019

What was going on for you at this time?

Go back and find out, because at this time you were given a second chance to make things right, to choose a path where you could bring in so much abundance it would amaze even you.  More love, more sex, more money, more stability….. but did you hang on long enough?  Did you sabotage yourself…..Did you lie?  Did you appreciate the people who had always been there for you and never talked ill of you?  Or did you have more interest in playing with people, power plays and trying to see what you could get away with, did you test someone’s intuitive/psychic abilities?   That may have not been a very good idea, because you or they got caught…..and we are just getting started.

The Sun was in Taurus at 4 degrees and was trineing the Pluto station.  This is a very good aspect for the following people of any sign.  If you have any natal planet, moon, sun or rising at 0-9 degrees in Taurus ONLY you will be positively affected by this shift.  The transformations and massive change you are going to go through will benefit you greatly, especially with money, possessions, self-value and real estate.  However, this will dig up old people and old issues from the past.  Especially people who “did you wrong” as they may try to come back and apologize.  Why are they apologizing?  Because you were the one with the power all along, it was your turn.

So let’s talk to the yahoo that messed up…. This may even be you…..Imagine the love of your life asking you to an all-expenses paid trip to wherever you want to go, and you say “Nah, I am going to go get drunk with friends and flirt with this new girl or guy or an ex or make a business contact.”   You just said no to your twin, basically the person who would have been the king to your queen or vice versa……   In a matter of speaking this person or situation was a “good luck charm.”  However, something had to be let go of in order to access the “good luck.”  Taking it for granted was ill-advised as great karma was attached to this gift. You felt like a king or queen with this person but, because of your ego you pissed this gift away with a lie, betrayal or just no effort, thinking something better would come along. “Who’s crying now?”  Seems appropriate song for this.

If you do not have any natal placements at these degrees in Taurus you may be watching it happen all around you or you will be the one needing to adjust quickly to change.   Massive destruction, re-calibration or re-arrangement with the banking industry relative to economies, social affiliations, agreements and / or contracts.

Psychic phrase (1) for this energy is:

“Those who have held themselves hostage by self-sabotage and spewing lies are now awakened to see the fate they have created.”

October 4th 2019 as indicated in my prior Saturn direct reading is a karma date this is when the “kraken is released”  it is not immediate damage but between October 4th and November 19th is where the shock factor presents itself.   Remember what I said in the Saturn video “A wave with the power of a thousand sons will destroy that which is not real and illuminate that which is.”  While meditating today I also heard “and daughters, and their sons and their daughters…..”

Psychic phase (2) for this energy:

“Forty days and forty nights or is it 40 weeks?”

Strange.   But not so much.  Preparation is now needed.  Get what you need carefully and a little over time.  Store the goods.  Preparation for the change commencing.  This ride is about to get bumpy.   But, you already knew that.  Some people will NOT be happy and chaos will commence.  Also, watch actions of others carefully.  How can I defend myself just in case……  Once the kraken reaches the destination, destruction commences, a revolution of sorts…. Let’s give them an “A” effort…. Na, Na, Na, Na – hey hey goodbye……

On April 25th 2019 what else was happening……?  Jupiter was within 3 degrees of the galactic center…. Pluto is pulling in the energy that has been stored here since Saturn passed over this point.  Saturn has been carrying this the whole time…..and needs a planet like Pluto to release it…..  what happened in March of 2017 to August of 2017?  Pay attention to this time frame.  Saturn WILL be releasing the kraken regarding this energy.  Remember Pluto is the planet that causes transformation when it releases through the destruction of shaky foundation regarding things that have been hidden.  Saturn has sent a letter to Pluto via a faster and quicker horse…. Saturn has the troops they are slower.  Pluto?  Well Pluto has all of the artillery.  So imagine that Saturn is the cannon and Pluto is the gunpowder.   You have until Jan 23rd…. get prepared now.  For some this will be mentally, others physically and others spiritually.  And many all three.

Mercury is hoofing it into Scorpio (moving fast…… watch communications)

The first hit will mostly deal with deals, under the table deals, contracts, agreements that may be coming back to bite people in the hiney.  It may have something to do with family or siblings.  In addition, passion, jealousy, aggression, revenge will also be released.  Hidden affairs will be revealed.  Any data regarding the “underground sex trade or immoral actions” will also be bubbling to the surface once again with new info.   More people are getting caught and thrown in the slammer and this will cause great shame.  You also may be observing this happen to someone.   It will blow your mind when you see who gets convicted or named in a scandal or cover-up.  It may not be who you think.  This information will spread across the world at the speed of light.  Remember this is just the beginning.  And I see rats scattering as I write this.

My only advice to all people now is to check yourself and your affiliations.  Does it promote peace, order and prosperity or hate, divisiveness, oppression/suppression, aggression, parasitic existence and destruction?  Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats, not just some.  Would you like cheese flavored popcorn or just theater butter?  Take your pick because the real show will start any day now….. you/we have been watching the previews.   See ya on the other side ladies and gentlemen.  Because for those of you that don’t know…..the other side has been watching this whole time.  They are the thousand sons, of a thousand daughters of a thousand sons.

Blessings of love and light ….good luck.