September and October 2019 

 August 25, 2019

By  B

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  • B let me tell you that the aqua and Pisces reading is scary on point with my life. Unbelievable wow! I do t think you truely know how accurate you really are. I’ve been clean theee years now and I’ve been fighting for my oldest child this whole situation is about me taking on the deception from dcf in massachuetts and a foster mother it’s a very long story but I am on my spiritual path and rising above all the crap that has been thrown my way. Feel like I’ve been getting downloads I don’t tho k I’m psychic pee say but I am very connected with the psychic community and spirituality community., by the way you are helping the masses and I praise and Thankyou for that.. I was told one of my guides is Edgar cayce how cool is that 😉 love your work you should be very proud of how many people love you and your wisdom xox blessings to you


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