Mar 19

In this blog area my best friend and I write of our musings on life and how profoundly the awareness within can create a manifested state of being.  While we may not agree on each other’s musings 100 percent of the time, we do allow each other space to express what is in one’s mind and heart.  It is the receptive nature in which the beauty and the flow reside.  The acceptance of the now and the gratitude of the now that allow one to be whole again and enlightened.

Enjoy the BoJo experience ~  B


Joni’s Musings for Tuesday 03-19-2019  (Written Friday 03-15-2019)

My city just had a natural disaster.

We had tons of snow and then huge amounts of rain.  The static snow and ice became mobile.  Flooding occurred, and ice flows plowed into structures.

The rigid things cracked and were left in awkward new positions.  Anyway, it made me think about the trinity energies.

The storm was a three-dimensional story of what these new energies are.  The keyword is MOVEMENT.  Male and female energies on their own are in stasis… polarity is marching, but only in place.  Trinity is movement and destruction.  The rigid will crack.  Get displaced in an awkward way.  Even water (in liquid form and having feminine energy) became trapped in an awkward way.  Finding itself stuck in snow walls and unable to flow.

The solution?

Remove blockages, remain flexible, resist rigidness and find the flow.  The Sun energy is key to all of this.  Bringing rays to melt blockages….both macro literal (like melting snow dams) and micro literal  sun rays working on a cellular level to melt or restructure energetic blocks.

So the takeaway?

Trinity energy is not just female love and light.  It’s a destructive energy that will cause MOVEMENT.  If you find you are stuck…this is rigidness.  You must be proactive in finding your flow or you WILL get placed in an awkward off the flow situation.

All Earth will have this movement energy.  Change will happen, but for the rigid it will be awkward and violent.

Connect to yourselves.  Be brutally honest.  Look for patterns and be brave.  Marching in place is no longer and option.

~ Joni