Weekly Astro Report ~ Week of Dec 22nd 

 December 22, 2019

By  B

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  • Hi, B!

    Thanks so much for adding the advice cards, I really enjoyed and appreciate it!

    I am a Leo who recently ended a relationship with a water sign, as I’ve done a thousand times already.. lol.. but I am determined if nothing else.

    I am currently working on a major project in my home and trying to write my first book as well. Also, I am only interested in beginning a new relationship with my one and only & I don’t care at all about wasting anymore time with anyone else. So the cloak made perfect sense to me… I have too much going on to be trying to find love and I’m being incognito on an energetic level, because I only want attention from the “ONE”.

    Thanks for everything, B, sincerely. Your work is a blessing!


  • Thank you Sweet B .. who doesn’t want advice from Angels .. Very grateful .. Blessings for you and yours this New Year if 2020! ??????


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