Weekly Astro Report ~ Week of Dec 9th 

 December 8, 2019

By  B

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  • Thank you B .. ive been on edge for soo long .. cant wait until its all over. Wonderful blessings for you this Holiday Season. xoxo L


  • Hi B . Just a few Politacal Thoughts or theories, no accusations intended.Did not want to post to You Tube. Seems weird to me that the impeachment comittee is doing exactly the same thing they are accusing the President of . Seems weird that they don’t seem to care if their front runner is squeaqy clean before preceeding. Truth matters, does it matter how you get there, or there would never have been Guantanamo, at least these tactics were not used.

    Only one thing will turn all of the satelite dishes.

    All for now, Maybe say more later.

    Thank You


    • Thank you Joseph,

      I would have to agree with you.
      It is all such a slippery slope.
      However, the real truth is being revealed little by little every day.
      People are realizing they are being controlled and waking up is as much exhilerating as it is anxiety producing.



  • Thank you B!

    I am always surprised by the accuracy. You cited the card “Pluto” with Earth Signs, and my daughter (Taurus) just announced her engagement. Sadly my wife (Pisces) and I (Aquarius) are separating, and some of the dynamics you have described over the last few weeks have been insightful. Again, I appreciate the fierce commitment you give to your work.

    Looking forward to your Pluto/Saturn webinar, and would like to book a personal reading in Spring 2020. I guess I should e-mail B@psychicsoundsbyb.



    • Hi Christopher,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments.
      I send you prayers and healing as you move through the phase in your soon to be divorced life.
      I also thank you for your support.
      It is always best to email me at psychicsoundsbyb@gmail.com (that way I get it right away ;))



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