Weekly Astro Report ~ Week of Jan 13th, 2020 

 January 10, 2020

By  B

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  • B. You are right on target. Week of 1/13/20. My picture perfect looking suburban family of origin, three female members of this family Fighting to maintain that picture, the use of an adult child as a tool & The ugly truth ( cancer/ cap axis) that I have stepped away from (last July August) and put up my boundaries. Unfortunately my Capricorn daughter was lured to the other side. And here we are now week of the transformation. You have been right on target all last summer to present and your guidance has been so valuable. I appreciate you and am sending prayers to others mired in drama.


    • Thank you Sheri,
      It is unfortunate you are going through all of this.
      That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
      Of course, that is easy to say when one is not living through it.
      Blessings of love and light


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