Weekly Astro Report ~ Week of Jan 5th 2020 

 January 4, 2020

By  B

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  • Hi B, since this did not happen since 1518, this made me think of medieval times, Don’t know what made me think of this but here goes anyway. I read the Jesuit creed, The Jesuit oath, Masonry creed and the knights templar oath. Similarities maybe.

    The card Shakti you hit on the button without your glasses. This is copied from New World Encyclopedia.

    Shakti derives from the Sanskrit verbal root shak, which means “to have potential” or “to be able” (Goldman 2004). In it’s noun form, this root becomes shakti, feminine in gender, a general term for a “power” or “ability” (Goldman 2004). Literally, then, the female divine embodies the power of potentiality, which, as we will see, has been often related to the creation of the physical world. With Shakti, the concept of power becomes personified in the image(s) of the feminine divine.

    The Koolaid and my Black Cat. She used to sit on my desk and watch Youtube with me. Around 2 weeks ago she could not walk straight , falling over and head was shaking side to side. The Vet could not find any explanation. What kind of Koolaid did she pick up on.She no longer jumps up on the desk.

    Love the readings.


    • Wow! Joseph!
      Thank you for the additional research!
      What fascinating information!

      Cats provide reverse polarity.
      the remove negativity and they are not suppose to keep it.
      It feels to me the energy from the electronics is causing her to get dizzy, it is too much.
      Are you listening to any lower vibration videos?
      I would not think so.

      The only thing I could recommend if there is no physical ailment, get blue screens for your electronics.
      Maybe she is absorbing EMF – if not that I would use more obsidian or hematite in your meditations.
      If you have too many high vibe crystals in your place of residence it can cause animals to get really loopy.

      Many people who use shungite in their water can get really loopy too. So use that sparingly if this is something you are considering or using.


      • Hi B, At the time was listening to various solfeggio frequencies always running softly in the background. May have been one of those frequencies that made her loopy.
        I have a variety of crystals, but this is the first i heard of shungite. I buy reverse osmosis water and will have to inquire if shungite is used in the carbon filtration. Thanks for the info.



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