Weekly Astro Report ~ Week of Nov 18th 

 November 17, 2019

By  B

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  • So greatful ♥️?♥️ thank you, very exiting….and heavy!!! I have experienced very high and low fast shifting energies lately. I am a bit drained, but hanging on for the ride ???.
    Love from an aries sun ???
    Location:northern Norway


  • Helloooo to the lovely B
    Unsure how why you have come into my life in the bizzarest way possible, I’m from Australia & I go by the name BJ.

    Going back to your readings until February 2017 , when my husband attempts twice in a cabin to gas my daughter & her friend twice via the stove .
    And without fail each & every detail is as if I’m telling the story myself .
    4yrs of 100s of crimes of stalking from a ex & ontop years of abuse by husband ,
    2 men deliberately harming my child & I .
    All protectors including Police failed in past.
    My child even taken out of the house to safety .
    I man recognized
    The danger of higher authority recently.

    I have guarded voice recordings with my life.
    These secrets I hold are about to be revealed , they will shake the core ,,the foundations of every family friend person they’ve ever known .

    I have lost every family , person possession ,
    my home,
    my salon ,humiliated shamed ,silenced made weak in ways you cant imagine.
    Never once did I faulter ,
    all alone I’ve stood my ground,

    I left june2018 with nothing but a overnight bag , Ark11 my puppy & 2 Samsung devices tucked down my shirt , not a $ , no food ,car , bussiness,
    I.d, or home .

    I just took over a failing rundown salon & its flying ,
    Have an old car & a bizarre awsum housemate.

    I am Scorpio rising Sagittarius sun Libra moon 1/12/1972

    I have 2/9/62 virgo leo
    & a 14/1/78 capricorn pisces after my little 9/4/03 aries cancer Taurus child & myself.


    Astrologically 80years ago , history with facts , there was an eclipse the day my mum born in Germany .
    My dads family of freedom fighters in Slovenia who stood there ground for freedom freewill , executed , concentration camps, starlin , hitler , a communist king ,but they stood there ground & 50yrs later this fight was celebrated on my dads bday when Slovenia was declared a free country.

    The events of this in coincidences came up again recently & I sent goosebumps all the way to slovenia & Australia when I showed proof .

    My life events & ancestors, with your intuition are to the year , day even .

    I will send you a detailed document 1 day with historical letters facts for you to know that your gift you were given is truly beyond amazing.

    P.S your not only intelligent your witty & so funny xx
    BJ ???


    • Hi BJ,

      Wow! What a life story!
      I truly wish you the best and am confident that justice will be served for the good of all involved.
      Thank you for the kind compliments.


      • Hay B .
        I will delete that crazy ass essay LOL
        It was more for your eyes to see that YES your downloads are correct without fail weekly but also long term .

        Im booking a reading in near future will be nice to talk .
        Take care BJ


  • I joined your community a few months back, and have been amazed at the connections I have with your psychic downloads. You mentioned escaping a situation “by the hair of my chinny chin chin” and referenced the wolf, which happens to be my surname, and I do feel like I escaped a bad situation, and I am indeed healing at this time (Aquarius).

    Thank you for your intense commitment to your work!


    • Thank you Christopher!
      I truly appreciate your support.
      I am glad my downloads are resonating with you and assisting you on your journey!
      Blessings ~B


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