Weekly Astro Report ~ Week of Nov 25th 

 November 24, 2019

By  B

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  • I have to say, I knew it! It’s why I don’t watch the news at all. They all tell and retell the same stories over and over despite their lack of relevance and veracity. Thank you, as always, for sharing your knowledge.


    • I know right? We have been lied to this whole time. Trust must be re-established within ourselves before the truth finds us and awakens everyone. People are still asleep like sheep but they are waking up. Did you know Disney owns the majority of all news channels and socials? Why did Disney buy Fox? Disney is implicated in Epstein? Follow the breadcrumbs…everyone is awakening to what has been really going on….. what we have to do is change our energy to the truth and universe will grant that to us before we lose all of our rights. Blessings of love and light ~B


  • I for one am all in for getting our country back. Over the years it has been disgusting to watch our Freedoms slowly erode away. The thing is, that the general public are so distracted and preoccupied with daily and family life to notice anything through the smoke screens of D.C. . They have no clue as to what the first step would be . The question is , how can one even start to join the battle ?



    • I understand where you are coming from. I suppose the easiest answer would be to energetically be aware, and slowly start the conversation to assist in people waking up. All it takes is for one person to say, “something is not right here…” or show proof to others …it all begins with the first step. The first step in awareness and not accepting “this is the way things have always been.” They have not. So it is time to start changing our energy from “I cant do anything about it” to “I am energetically aware that a re-balancing toward truth and justice is needed, I only accept truth…. coercion has no place in my life” When you do that, the universe has to replace complacency/coercion with fairness and truth….as universe aligns with you, those around you are also exposed to it. As more and more awaken they get bolder in taking their power back and unite. I hope that makes sense… 🙂 ~ B


  • Thanks B!! I posted that video awhile back on fb(which I cant even stand be on any more!)Tho I think we may fall on different side politically, I have a vibe that in the end it’s more about us the people that will have to unite & stand up and say no more!


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